Gay Thanksgiving in Puglia

Gay Thanksgiving in Puglia? Yes, it can happen 😉 I had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner at Villa Cappelli.


Some of you reading my blog are Americans, and obviously very well acquainted with this tradition. But most of my readers in Europe, South America, Asia might have never been part of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

I celebrated my first original Thanksgiving back in 2002. I was then a young exchange student at UCLA, in Los Angeles. A good friend of mine invited me and a few other colleagues of mine to Palm Spring, to spend a gay Thanksgiving with his family and friends. It was such a honor to be introduced to this amazing tradition!

Thanksgiving is a public holiday in the United States: it is a traditional celebration of the harvest and its bounty,  celebrated for the first time in 1621. It became official public holidays in the United States in the middle of the Civil War, in 1853, when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each 4th Thursday of November. Today Thanksgiving is the start of the happy Christmas celebrations: the day after, the so called Black Friday, it is in fact the traditional start of Christmas shopping.

This year I had the honor to be invited to an original celebration of Thanksgiving… not too far from where I live, here in Puglia! It took place at Villa Cappelli, a beautiful masseria in the countryside of Bari, which you will discover more in depth soon.

Villa Cappelli is run by an American couple of happy chaps, Paul and Steven. Every year they follow the American tradition for the best celebration of a proper gay Thanksgiving: they gather at their own place friends and family, and feed them with a lot of traditional and beautifully cooked food!

You must believe me: the gay Thanksgiving dinner at Villa Cappelli was perfect under every aspect. It was the right combination of Italian, and Puglia, food traditions and the original American way.

The dinner started with amazingly cooked hot and cold appetizers, accompanied by Italian bubbles, followed by the most traditional Thanksgiving buffet. The excellent landlord, Paul, did an amazing job organizing the perfect atmosphere: surrounded by his mum, his daughter, his boyfriend, and 50 friends and family, he thanked each of us for joining him and started the gay Thanksgiving celebrations!

The highlight of the dinner was the turkey, with beautiful stuffing on its side. The amazing chefs at Villa Cappelli prepared 2 huge turkeys (15 kg each!), cooked in a wooden oven overnight. The result was sensational! Unmissable, of course, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and plenty more side dishes, as per the American tradition. To finish the dinner off, the chefs prepared plenty of cakes and sweets.

Scruffy Gios and a huge turkey for the Gay Thanksgiving
Scruffy Gios and a huge turkey for the Gay Thanksgiving

The atmosphere and the company were perfect! The dinner took place in the former huge horse stable of Villa Cappelli, decorated according with the Italian Christmas traditions. I had the opportunity to get to meet many new friends!

A very gay Thanksgiving at Villa Cappelli
A very gay Thanksgiving at Villa Cappelli

I had such an amazing time at Villa Cappelli for the best gay Thanksgiving ever! Have you ever celebrated Thanksgiving? I am so happy I did it again! Do you want to join me next year for an authentic Thanksgiving dinner here in Puglia? Just let me know, and we will make sure to organize an amazing time!

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