Bali is a fun island… with a great gay life: an amazing gay Bali nightlife!

A little bit of geography first: Bali is a big island of Indonesia, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

The first thing you realize as soon as you get to Bali is the predominance of Australian people all around! Yes, Bali seems to be an Australian colony!

The reason is simple: Bali is not too far from Australia! The closest Australian city to Bali is Darwin: flights to Bali take around 2 hours and 30 minutes. From Perth, flight time is more or less 3 hours and 35 minutes.

I love Bali
I love Bali

I visited Bali in December 2015: I easily understood why the Aussies love it so much! I loved it too.. apart from the crazy scooter traffic though! Everybody moves around crazily in bikes… easy and fast, but definitely dangerous!

What to do in Bali? I have to be honest, I didn’t go to Bali for its history and amazing cultural life… I visited mostly for the fun! And it was indeed a lot of fun!

I decided to spend most of my stay in Kuta, that hosts the crazy nightlife of the area! Fun but noisy, until very late! So it’s better to choose carefully where to sleep. I was lucky, so are you if you follow my suggestions: some friends recommended an amazing and well kept resort, the Hotel Sorga, which is pretty quiet, still in the middle of the action!

The beach of Kuta-Seminiak area is a real delight: 8 kilometers of fine golden sand attract many tourists and locals! You can also enjoy the sight of many surfers who ride its sometimes stormy waves. In the area there is not a proper gay beach, although it is easy to spot many gays everywhere!

In Kuta you can easily spend weeks just hanging out: parties every night, shopping 24 hours, great cheap food! No wonder why many tourists visiting Southeast Asia end up spending most of their time in Bali!

A classier area is the gay one (obviously!): Seminyak. It is not far from Kuta, a couple of kilometers north of it, that is just ten minutes by motorbike.

Scruffy Gios at W BaliSeminiak hosts cozy shops, fine restaurants, nice (although somehow more expensive) beach clubs. My favourite ones? During the day I used to hang out at the nice W Retreat which has an amazing pool in front of the ocean, and where to drink excellent coktails all day long. At sunset you can’t miss the fun at the Potato Head Beach club.

Seminiak is also the center of Gay Bali nightlife. On the same street, Jalan Camplung, there are a few gay bars where to have fun every night of the year. My favorite bar was the Bali Joe. Don’t miss the drag shows on Sundays! Definitely a lot of fun!

Greedy to know more about Bali, or Gay Bali nightlife? Just drop me an email and I will share with you much more of my experience!

Date of last visit: December 2015


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