Athens: the Greek Capital

Have you ever visited the Greek Capital? Athens is a city full of charme!

Usually Athens is the starting point of many trips around the Aegean sea and its beautiful islands: not many visitors decide to give a go to a tour around the city. Wrong choice: the Greek capital is definitely worthy to go around and enjoy!

A visit to Athens should start with a visit to the Acropolis: the heart of the millennial history of the city! It is also the best point to enjoy an amazing view over the metropolis! Only from the Acropolis and its Parthenon you can realize the majesty of the Greek Capital, a really huge city surrounded by both the sea and the mountains!

Scruffy Gios in the Greek Capital
Scruffy Gios in the Greek Capital

Despite being such a big city, the center of Athens is definitely walk-able! Soon after visiting the Acropolis my suggestion is to get the underground and start a walking tour of the center of the Greek Capital from Omonia Square. Walking along Panepistimiou road, you will find a few of the main sights of the city: the Huge Adrian’ s National Library of Athens, the beautiful Academy of Athens, the National History Museum. All of these buildings are Neoclassic! Neoclassicism is an architectural style inspired from the classicism of Ancient Greek and Roman cultures: it used to be the main style of Athens, up until the third decade of the past century. It arrived to Greece thanks to German architects, flown into the city at the beginning of the 19th century to help the creation of the new city.

Along the same Panepostimiou road you can also find the Cathedral Basilica of St. Dionysius the Areopagite, the main Catholic Church of Athens, just before arriving to the centre of the Greek capital’s life: Syntagma Square!

This huge square (with an extension of over 25.000 square meters!) hosts the Old Royal Palace, now seat of the Greek Parliament. The touristic highlight of the area is the changing of the Presidential Guard ceremony: you can see it every hour in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, between the Syntagma Square and Parliament building. Don’t miss it!

From Syntagma Square you can easily keep walking through the busy commercial streets of the center of Athens, to reach another interesting square of the city: Monastiraki, point of attraction for tourists, thanks to its numerous taverns and shops all over. Not far from Monestiraki, you can reach the pictoresque Plaka, a lively area full of souvenir shops, bars, local restaurants.

Gios in Monastiraki
Gios in Monastiraki

I must admit Plaka is my favorite part of the city: hilly and lively, it is the heart of the Greek capital! On a sunny afternoon it will be buzzing with young people, local and tourists alike. Choose a rooftop bar and you can enjoy a stunning view over the city at sunset! I visited a traditional bar, Yasemi, with some friends for a few cheeky drinks over sunset: as you can see the view from the terrace is amazing!

Drinks on top of Athens - Yasemi
Drinks on top of Athens – Yasemi

Walking distance is also the heart of the gay life of Athens, Gazi… an amazing lively area of the Greek Capital, which you will discover it in the next post!

Date of Last Visit: August 2016

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