Are you looking for a quick Bangkok guide? Keep reading! Bangkok is a truly busy city… that never sleeps!

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in this huge capital, virtually 24/7!

I arrived in Bangkok in¬†October 2015 as my first stop of¬†my 3 months long journey around Southeast Asia: I felt lost… like I really needed a native Bangkok guide, to understand how to make a sense out of its mess! Bangkok¬†is a really big capital, always busy, full of people… and traffic gems!

But soon I fell in love with Bangkok! The city is the main hub of Southeast Asia, fully connected with all over the world, as well as with all of the main cities of the region. For this reason, the best option to explore SE Asia is to fly in and out of Bangkok! Thus, I have been back a few times to this capital, every time discovering new bits of the city and new ways to enjoy its frenetic lifestyle!

Gios at the Emerald Buddha - Bangkok
Gios at the Emerald Buddha – Bangkok

The city features plenty of opportunities to enjoy a bit of Buddhist spirituality: make sure not to miss Wat Phra Kaeo, hosting the amazing Emerald Buddha. A place to take great pictures too :p

Gios and the Big Buddha - Bangkok
Gios and the Big Buddha – Bangkok

Also, the Golden Buddha, 3 meters tall, is well worthy a visit!

But the city offers many more amazing temples to get lost around! Just ask your tuk tuk driver, usually the perfect Bangkok guide, some suggestions and he will be happy to carry you around the city all day long for a few Baths (the local Thai currency)… maybe you will have to stop to a few tailors along the way, but hey that’s the deal :)


Scruffy Gios at the Thai Royal Dusit Palace
Scruffy Gios at the Thai Royal Dusit Palace
Another sight absolutely not to miss is the Thai Royal Dusit Palace: stunning royal palace, featuring even more stunning royal collections in the inside.

Street food in Bangkok is just amazing, and so cheap! Don’t waste your time (and your budget) looking for expensive restaurants: Thailand’s amazing fresh recipes full of vegetables and natural flavors are enjoyed at their best in one of the thousands of stalls all over the city!

But what is most amazing is Bangkok nightlife, especially from the top! Bangkok’s skyline is absolutely stunning and it’s especially enjoyable from one of its many rooftop terraces!

Amazing rooftop drinks in Bangkok for Gios
Amazing rooftop drinks in Bangkok for Gios

My favourite place for an aperitif is the Sky Bar¬†on top of the Lebua hotel, with a gorgeous view over the city and the river… lovely isn’t it? <3

Rooftop nightlife in Bangkok

In the gay district of Silom, another amazing bar is the Hi-So Rooftop bar, on top of the Sofitel So Bangkok. I discovered it thanks to my friend Jeep, who introduced me to many of his friends, and made me really welcome to the new city!


Of course we had a few drinks there… just the start for a great night out in the gay bars!

Date of last visit: January 2016

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