Beautiful Palermo!

Have you ever visited beautiful Palermo? I promise: it is amazing!

This was not the first time I visited beautiful Palermo: I spent a few days there in my childhood… but I have absolutely no memory of it! I went there with my mum and dad, but I was just a few years old!

I decided to go back this time as I wanted to celebrate in style my great aunt’s 90th birthday! Look at her! She is still healthy and good looking! I love her in pieces! I wish I can get to her age with her health!

Happy Birthday Zia!
Happy Birthday Zia!

Of course I used this big family celebration as an excuse to admire Palermo, the beautiful capital of Sicily and a bit of its surroundings!

Scruffy Gios - Palermo from the Top
Scruffy Gios – Palermo from the Top

The first thing to do if you happen to be in the area is to head up to Monte Pellegrino, to enjoy a stunning view of the city from the top!

As you are there, you should pay homage to Santa Rosalia, la Santuzza! The Saint looks after the city of Palermo: the Sanctuary dedicated to her is located in a cave on Monte Pellegrino. The legend says she died in the cave itself, during the bubonic plague epidemic of the 17th century. I was an altar boy as a kid, I know all of the Catholic legends pretty well :)

Once you reach the bottom of Monte Pellegrino you find yourself in the very centre of the city. I must admit the centre of Palermo is pretty big! I enjoy walking… but it still a lot of walking if you want to discover all of the gems beautiful Palermo hides in its heart!

The main commercial street of downtown Palermo is Via Della Liberta’, a long street leaving from Piazza Vittorio Venet. Along the last part of Via della Liberta’ you can find many boutiques of international brands for your holidays shopping.

Via Della Liberta’ ends at Pazza Castelnuovo, where you can find the huge Politeama Theatre, one of the biggest historical theatres of the city.

From there it starts Via Ruggero Settimo, the beginning of the historical centre of beautiful Palermo: most of it is close to car traffic, so you must walk to enjoy its beauty!

At the end of Via Ruggero Settimo, you find another huge buiding, the Massimo theatre, a gigantic opera house, dedicated to King Vittorio Emanuele. Teatro Massimo is the biggest theatre in Italy!

Scruffy Gios - Teatro Massimo
Scruffy Gios – Teatro Massimo

From the theatre, you can follow Via Maqueda, to get to the Quattro Canti. It is a Baroque square, officially called Piazza Vigliena, whose corners are occupied by beautiful Fountains dedicated to the 4 seasons of the year, the four Spanish kings of Sicily, and to the 4 Saints, patronesses of the city before Santa Rosalia.

From the Quattro Canti you can follow your map and get lost in the amazing streets of the city! Everything is so beautiful! While you wonder around the center of Palermo I suggest you to stop for a coffee or a cocktail in the rooftop bars on top of La Rinascente department store, in Via Roma. From up there you can enjoy a breathtaking view of San Domenico Square and a large part of beautiful Palermo historical centre.

Beautiful Italy Palermo - Gios Selfie
Beautiful Italy Palermo – Gios Selfie

There is a lot to discover in Palermo… keep following me to get to know more about this amazing city, its food and its fun nightlife!

Date of last visit: April 2016

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