Corfu: Nudist Beaches and more

Nudist Beaches in Corfu? Definitely Yes! Corfu has a few amazing beaches to check out if you are interested in taking some sun without tan lines (although I am fond of them, if I must be honest).

Corfu is a beautiful green island in the Mediterranean, as you already know if you are avid readers of my blog. The island itself is pretty big, almost 600 Km², which make Corfu the 7th biggest island of the whole Greece. The total coast surface is 217 km, so you can imagine there is plenty of great beaches all around the island to choose from: Corfu comprises over 120 beaches!

I didn’t have time to explore them all, although I wish I had. But, as per my custom, I asked the locals which beaches were unmissable: here you can find my very own list of the 3 nudist beaches not to miss if you happen to visit Corfu.

Nudist Beaches of Corfu – Issos Beach

Issos is an idyllic beach on the southwest coast of Corfu; that part of the island is dominated by golden sandy beaches and shallow turquoise waters. And of course Issos has these features plus something more: it is by far one of the best nudist beaches of the entire island!

Scruffy Gios in Issos - Corfu Nudist Beaches
Scruffy Gios in Issos – Corfu Nudist Beaches

In order to reach the naked section be prepared to walk quite a bit: Issos is a very long stretch of sand! I arrived to Issos via bus, directly from the Old Town. If you arrive by car, leave it in the last parking lot before the beach, not far from the last bus stop. In both cases, you must walk for a couple of kilometres on the sand and go through a few different equipped beaches and watersports center. The further you go from the beach, the better: after a good walk, you can easily spot the nudist area.

Both for straight and gays, Issos Beach is definitely the quieter place of Corfu where to enjoy a full naked tan. Not many people actually venture very far north of the parking lot even in high season, which makes the beach an the beautiful sandy dunes behind it a real Paradise on earth!

If you have time, explore the green lush forest behind the beach and the dunes: with a good pair of sneakers, you can enjoy a nice hike around the lake Corission, the largest lake in Corfu. Plus, the high sand dunes offer excellent sunset views.

Nudist Beaches of Corfu – Myrtiotissa Beach

Myrtiotissa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. It is not as secluded as Ipsos, that is also why it is so popular, although it definitely manages to keep its unspoiled charachter, with very few tourist facilities available.

Myrtiotissa Corfu Beach 1
Myrtiotissa Corfu Beach 1

It is possible to reach the small, beautiful Myrtiotissa Beach by bus from the main town, or by car. It is preferable not to venture down too far with the car: it is better to park it by the latest tavern before the final slope, and to keep walking by foot after that: a long path leads directly to the beach.

Myrtiotissa Corfu Beach 2
Myrtiotissa Corfu Beach 2

The beach is simply amazing, and it is the perfect place for a full tan line. You will find plenty of tourists, both straight and gay, enjoying the naturist lifestyle on this small beach. The place is named after the Monastery of Myrtiotissa, located just a few hundreds meters above the sea: if you with to visit, take the road that goes uphill and after around 300 meters you will find it.

Nudist Beaches of Corfu – Ipsos Beach

Ipsos Beach is located in the north west side of the island, around 15 kilometers north of Corfu town. All the beaches in this part of the island are dominated by rugged and rocky shores, ideal for snorkeling and diving.

OK, I am cheating on this one: Ipsos Beach is NOT a nudist beach. But, as you can see, I had the opportunity to be hosted for a few days in a beautiful villa overlooking the stunning bay of Ipsos Beach, and to spend most of my time naked in its amazing infinity pool!

What impressed me most about Ipsos beach is its position, just in front of the Mount Pantokrator. The beach itself is a long, thin pebbly beach with a road that runs along the back of it, featuring plenty of bars, cafes, tavernas, markets and shops, very popular with young tourists even after the high season.

What do you think of the beautiful Nudist Beaches of Corfu? Interested in knowing more about Corfu and the beautiful Greece? I am planning a great tour in Greece for Summer 2017. Fancy to know more? Drop me a line or leave a line in the comment area below

Date of Last Visit: September 2016

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