Finland beautiful and amazing!

I had not thought so beforehand, even though I have always heard about its great quality of life! But I was not expecting such a beautiful and charming scenery!

I have to say, also the way I met the Finnish landscape had a great impact on my first feelings towards the country: I arrived from the seaside! In fact, I took a big boat from Stockholm, and engaged in a overnight cruise from Sweden to Finland. A few drinks and some cruise entertainment helped me spend the night in a pleasant way! Lucky enough, the weather was beautiful, and the sea very calm! I had a very pleasant journey, spending most of time outdoor, enjoying the beautiful sights of the fiords we were cruising through.

Some people say: “Finland beautiful Finland is pretty expensive”… well they are damn right :p Not as expensive as Sweden though… I visited two cities, Turku and Helsinki, and I have to say there is a big difference in the cost of life between the two cities: definitely, as many capitals, Helsinki is pricey, but Turku is much more affordable. So, if you are looking to travel on a budget, my suggestion is to try and work on an itinerary which comprises Helsinki just for a night or two, but that includes less known destinations, which can be less expensive but beautiful nonetheless.

When I arrived to Turku, I found in fact an unexpected lively town full of green and nice places to discover! I had never heard of this city before, had you? :)

The beautiful city of Turku lays around the last part of the river Aura, just before it ends its long journey through Finland into the Archipelago Sea, right outside the centre of Turku.

I was fascinated by the city of Turku: I spent only one night there, but that was enough time to explore its city centre and a couple of bars and cafes. I stayed in a bed and breakfast, clean and comfortable, right in the centre of the city, Tuure. Pretty basic but very clean and conveniently located. Also breakfast was amazing, with a great variety of food: Totally recommendable!

The life of Turku revolves indeed along its river, as most of the cafes and restaurants are on Aura’s banks. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to discover Turku’s gay life (I spent there only one night, and it was on a Tuesday… you can imagine there was not much action indeed), but I heard the city features a few gay bars with an insteresting nightlife. This is especially during the weekend: Turku attracts people from the near smaller towns. If you want to know more about the beatiful city of Turku, you can visit the tourist information website Visit Turku. When you will visit Turku I am sure you will easily answer YES if someone asks you: Is Finland beautiful?

Date of Last Visit: July 2015

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