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Amsterdam is not a huge city, so I was surprised by the amount of gay bars and clubs of the city: there is something for every taste! Yes Gay Amsterdam has a lot to offer!

The city throws one of the best Gay Prides too! Its doesn’t run on the streets, but on the canals: it is a procession of boats, really unique! This year, 2016, Amsterdam hosts the Europride, so an even bigger crown than usual is expected!

Most of the gay scene happen in the center of the city. There are a few hot-spots where most of the gay bars are concentrated: the choice is very vast. Amsterdam is the ideal location if you are into bar hopping, like me: as you know Scruffy Gios is a professional gay bars hopper :)

This is the Scruffy Guide to the top 5 bars in Gay Amsterdam!

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Gay Amsterdam – Taboo

Gios and mates in Taboo
Gios and mates in Taboo

This is the perfect bar where to start your bar hopping! But I recommend you to visit it also a few different times along the way! Taboo is a very relaxed gay bar located on the main Amsterdam gay street,  Reguliersdwarsstraat. It has an excellent happy hour in the afternoon ! This is the reason why it gets busy pretty early: plenty of professionals flock to this bar soon after work for a chilled pint or two. In summer, and anyway on a sunny afternoon, its terrace get very crowded: try it on a hot Summer Sunday night! Its relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect bar to enjoy a chat with a few strangers and some hotties! The place gets also busy at night, during the happy hour at 2 am: of course I took advantage of it, just before heading to other bars!

Gay Amsterdam – Soho

Guests of Soho Amsterdam
Guests of Soho Amsterdam

This English-style bar is on the same street of the Taboo, just opposite of it. It becomes pretty popular on weekend nights, when a large mixed crowd gather into the bar to have fun on its dance floor: great dance music all night long ensure a laid-back atmosphere! The Soho bar is in a very large venue: two floors, plus an outdoor terrace, make it the perfect choice if you fancy a gay dance night in Amsterdam. I danced senslessly on its dance floor until very late on a Saturday night… a lot of fun, and a lot of beautiful people too! Watch out for the happy hour: drinks can be a good bargain too!

Gay Amsterdam – Amstel 54

Amstel54 - Gay Amsterdam
Amstel54 – Gay Amsterdam

As its name suggests, Amstel 54 is located right by the Amstel river, another area of Amsterdam packed with gay bars. The venue is not very big, but I fell in love with its music: on a weekend night you can dance to all the pop classics! Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna, Madonna… you name it, Amstel 54 got it! Its deejays will make you shake that thing all night long! Small, cozy and very friendly: if you are travelling solo, this is the perfect place to mingle with locals and other like-minded travellers!

Gay Amsterdam – The Queen’s Head

Gios and Drag - The Queen's Head
Gios and Drag – The Queen’s Head

This is a traditional bar located in the middle of the infamous red light district, not far from Amsterdam Central Station. The Queen’s head has a beautiful location on the canal: it features also a small terrace with a stunning view! I enjoyed a very nice Sunday pub quiz (main subject: the Eurovision Song Contest… you should know the Dutch love it very much!) hosted by a very funny drag queen. The mixed crowd was very friendly, and the drag host very pleasant! The bar organizes mid week bingo nights, and hosts also Netherbears: SCRUFFy men, bears, cubs, musclebears and their admirers mingle twice a month in the Queen’s head for afternoon drinks! I will make sure to check that out next time I visit :)

Gay Amsterdam – Prik

Gios and mates in Prik
Gios and mates in Prik

Have you ever had Prosecco on tap? If not, then next time you visit Amsterdam, you must try it at Prik! The name of the bar, Prik, comes in fact from Prosecco! I had a drink or two in different nights in this venue: I appreciated the choice of different tastes of music (one night it was 90s pop, another night techno house) made by its DJs. Take a look at the online Prik Agenda to make sure you enjoy the music you like! The crowd of the bar is very mixed, nice and friendly: its outside terrace, very busy in spring and summer, is the perfect spot for a quick smoke and a relaxing chat!

What do you think about this Scruffy Guide of Gay Amsterdam? Anything you would add to this list? Please add it in the comment section below or drop me a line!

Date of Last Visit: May 2016

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