Scruffy Guide to Gay Athens

Gay Athens life is lively and interesting. And the Boys, oh the Boys…

Scruffy Gios in Big Bar Athens
Scruffy Gios in Big Bar Athens

If you are looking for a place full of Scruffy, Hunky, Beefy types… oh well don’t look any further! Athens is the TOP destination for your next holidays (Or at least long weekend if you happen to live in Europe!).

Most of the life in Gay Athens happen in Gazi area. Gazi takes its name from an old gas depot that stands in the area: no worry, the gas depot is not in use anymore since 1984. Since then, the area has become more and more gentrified, and nowadays it is a trendy area, plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs targeting the young crowds, and the gay crowd obviously.

To get to Gazi is easy: if you are staying in the centre of Athens, you can definitely walk to Gazi Square from anywhere, as its position is pretty central. Another option is to get there through underground: Kerameikos station has its exit right in the middle of the square! And it is around this square that most of the life of Gay Athens happen! Be aware: as in the Southern European tradition, the nightlife in Gay Athens starts very late! So, don’t rush! Have a siesta, a late dinner, and get ready to enjoy Athens until very late!

These are the 5 top places to visit in Gay Athens according to Scruffy Gios!

Gay Athens – Del Sol Cafe

DelSol Cafe - Gay Athens
DelSol Cafe – Gay Athens

Del Sol is the perfect spot where to start your bar hopping! It is also an excellent choice if you are looking to have a light dinner or an aperitif in a nice gay environment: its famous salads and signature cocktails will help you start the night full of energy! Del Sol Cafe is a very relaxed bar located right in Gazi Square, open all day long,  so you can pop by anytime of the day and the night, and you will be sure to bump in many hot Greek guys!

Gay Athens – Shamone

Gios and friends in Shamone
Gios and friends in Shamone

Shamone was a nice discovery! It is a beautiful bar with a very nice outdoor terrace, walking distance from Gazi Square. I spent there a couple of nights (on a Friday and on a Saturday) and in both occasions I really had a great time. This bar has a predominant gay clientele, although not exclusively! The outdoor terrace is pleasant and pretty big: you can enjoy a few drinks (and some food if you wish) outdoor where to relax, chat and mingle with the sexy locals  before heading inside for some good dance music! The inside area is pretty big, but also very crowded at weekends, so in my opinion it is best to get there early, have a dance, and then move on to some other clubs or bars.

Gay Athens – Sodade 2

imageSodade 2 is a very nice club, with a mixed crowd (although mostly youngish) where to enjoy great dance music in a relaxed atmosphere! Two dance floors and great DJs make it the perfect choice if you fancy a gay dance night in Athens: one stage features mainstream hits, the other one mostly house music. The atmosphere is enjoyable and there is also a small outside terrace where to escape from the hot inside temperatures and get some fresh air. The bar, and the mainstream floor, is open everyday while the dance stage is open every Friday and Saturday. Mondays are always Greek music nights, so bear that in mind if you fancy to get into the local customs! Search on Instagram the hashtag #endless_fun if you want to discover more about this bar!

Gay Athens – Big

Big Bar - Gios and Mates
Big Bar – Gios and Mates

As you can collect from its name, Big Bar is a bar for Big Boys: bears, musclebears, Scruffy types and their admirers are more than welcome! The bar has been part of the Gay Athens scene for a few years: opened in 2004, this cute venue is definitely THE place to visit if you are looking for handsome bearded Greek Gods and a lot of fur! Good music, laid-back atmosphere, cheap drinks… don’t think twice! Stop in Big for a drink or two, and you will fall in love with it! Wooooooof!

Gay Athens – Alexander Sauna

To be fair, Alexander is not just a sauna! It is a huge place, with a big rainbow flag outside (so you are sure not to miss it) walking distance from Gazi, where anything can really happen! 4 floors with different themes, so anything you are looking for, you are pretty sure you are going to find it in Alexander! The youngsters (under 30) pay half the price, plus the sauna organizes different theme nights throughout the week and the month!

BearPact - Alexander Sauna Athens
BearPact – Alexander Sauna Athens

On Thursday it is Bear Day, so Scruffy mean, Beefy Hunks, Bears, Cubs, Otters and their admirers flock to Alexander Sauna and have fun! Also, make sure to check Bear – Pact, a night for Bears, Cubs, Daddies and admirers, on the Last Friday of the Month: have fun!

Date of Last Visit: August 2016

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