Gay Beaches in Europe: a Scruffy Guide!

Summer is fast approaching here in the Northern Emisphere, and it is time to wear your favorite speedo and hit one of the best gay beaches… but where to go?

If you follow my crazy life in this blog, you should already know what are my favorite gay beaches in Europe. But if you happen to be here just for a quick visit, well here you can find a selection of my favorite hot spots to visit this long gay summer season: 5 of the best gay beacwhes in Europe. See you there?

Here is my personal Scruffy guide to the top 5 gay beaches in Europe!

Gay Beaches in Europe: Chiringuito 6, Gran Canaria

You already know that I am in love Gran Canaria and its Chiringuito 6, the gay nudist beach of Maspalomas! Canary Islands are perfect for a quick dip in the ocean any time of the year… and in Summer too obviously!

Gay Beaches in Europe: Maspalomas
Gay Beaches in Europe: Maspalomas

From Maspalomas, the resort hosting the Yumbo Center, the infamous gay village of the island, you can easily get to Chiringuito 6 through a nice walk along the sand dunes. Why do I love this beach so much? It is just a magical place, full of friendly people from all over the world, where it is easy to meet new like-minded mates and to have

Also, If you are looking for a bit of gay action Gran Canaria is definitely the best option all year around. My favourite season to visit the gay beach of Gran Canaria is November: when the cold season starts to hit Continental Europe, it is a pleasure to escape for a bit of tropical sun! Why not join me this November for Winter Pride? I am leading a a gay tour to explore this magic atmosphere with the gays from all over the world. Please send me an email if you are interested and I will let you know all the details very soon.

Not sure about the place yet? Check out the Scruffy Guide to Maspalomas to find out more about Gran Canaria and its gay life!

Gay Beaches in Europe: G-Beach, Gallipoli

Gallipoli is without any doubt the gayest and most lively city in Italy nowadays! It is called the Italian Ibiza, for a reason!

Scruffy Gios G Beach
Scruffy Gios G Beach

In July and August on G-Beach, the gay beach of Gallipoli, you can find the highest concentration of hotties in Italy! And the action is just around the corner: on the back of the beach, a pine trees forest is the perfect sect for some naughty fun.

Where is Gallipoli? Check out the Scruffy Guide to the town here. It is in Salento, the southernmost tip of Puglia, famous for Caribbean-like sandy beaches, beautiful food, amazing quality of life. The town of Gallipoli has a reputation for tolerance and openness. It hosts a nice gay bar, LED, very crowded all year round, especially on weekends, and the biggest gay club in Southern Italy, Picador Village.

Gallipoli will also be the set of Italy Gay Summer Pride 2017, the 4 day Gay Beach Party we are organising at the end of September. Are you ready to join in on the fun?

Gay Beaches in Europe: Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

In Israel you are sure to find sun almost every day of the year!

Scruffy Gios - Hilton Beach
Scruffy Gios – Hilton Beach

Its capital, Tel Aviv, has amazing beaches with perfect temperatures all year long. As you already know I have been to Tel Aviv twice, joining one of the best Gay Pride Parades in the world. The main gay beach of Tel Aviv, Hilton Beach, is always crowded, and there is plenty of things to do in the Israeli Capital: the gay nightlife is amazing! Check the Scruffy Guide to Tel Aviv for more suggestions.

Gay Beaches in Europe: Balmin Beach, Sitges

Sitges is a very famous gay resort in Europe, a few kilometres away from Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain.

Balmin Beach is its Scruffy Beach, Bear Friendly and Clothing Optional. Woof!

Scruffy Gios Sitges
Scruffy Gios on Balmin Beach, Sitges

Its friendly atmosphere makes of Balmin the most relaxed beach of the area. It is also one of the main stages of Sitges Bear Week, in September. Have you ever been?  It is a lot of fun! I have attended this woofy event 2 years ago, and I fell in love with the easy attitude of the population and its party-goers. Fancy to join me for Sitges Bear Week in 2018? Just drop me a line and I will let you know about my plans as soon as they are more concrete.

Gay Beaches in Europe: Elia Beach, Mykonos

Mykonos is Mykonos, there is not much to add!

The beautiful island of Greece hosts without any doubt one of the best known gay beaches worldwide: Elia. What makes this place such a magical choice? Its beautiful location in an amazing bay, and also its being naturist-friendly (which is of course the reason why I love it).

Elia Beach Mykonos
Elia Beach Mykonos

I have been to Mykonos many time in my 20s. But I have been out of its scene for a few years now. It’s time to plan a new adventure there! Ready for joining me in 2018? I am planning an amazing tour in July next year. Stay tuned for all the info!

Do you need more recommendations? Or maybe do you need me to show you around? Feel free to drop me a line! As you know I will be more than happy to help out! I wish you a very good start of Summer 2017! Sincerely,

Scruffy Gios

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?