Brighton Beach – English Coast

Brighton Beach: Have you ever heard of this lovely seaside city on the English Coast?


Honestly I did not know Brighton at all before moving to the UK 5 years ago… shame on me! But once I discovered it, heeeeck! I fell in love with it.

Brighton is a lively city in Southeast England, right by the sea. It is conveniently located south of London, in the East Sussex County. It is very easy to get to Brighton from the amazing British Capital which as you know I love so much: you can take a train from London Bridge or Blackfriars in about 1 hour you are right on Brighton Beach!

Gios on Brighton Pier - view over the Marina
Gios on Brighton Pier – view over the Marina

Brighton is also very close to Gatwick airport, so if you happen to have some connecting flights and time to spare in your hands, head to Brighton and enjoy some lovely Pink time. Why should you know about Brighton and why I love it so much? Because the town throws one of the best Gay Prides of all the United Kingdom. Plus, Brighton Beach is one of the gayest cities of Great Britain, all year around!

Trains from London will get you into Brighton main station, right in the center of the town. I am fascinated by the railway station itself: it is a beautiful Victorian structure erected in 1841 by David Mocatta mixing iron and stone. Spend some time walking in the history!

From Brighton station it is an easy ten minutes (ok, 15 if you take your time) down to Brighton Beach and its main touristic attraction: the famous Brighton Pier, another Victorian symbol, historical legacy of the marine heritage of the town. Built in 1899, it is nowadays a pleasure Pier hosting bars, restaurants, and the Palace of Fun Arcade: its games are addictive! Be aware of it if you are going to visit with your little ones!

Shameless Gios in Brighton Beach
Shameless Gios in Brighton Beach

The view from Brighton Pier is amazing! Alright, don’t expect a sunny clean sky… we are still in England! Weather is always a gamble… but if you are lucky enough to be kissed by a beautiful and warm sun, you will discover an enchanting and welcoming city with a breathtaking seaside. Get your shirt off, feel the breeze, and take a Shameless Selfie obviously 😉

Coming down from the Pier, you can enjoy a nice walk along the pebbly seaside, or have a stroll along the many shops right on the Marina. By walking along the seafront you will arrive to the burnt skeleton of the West Pier, in the past another glorious monument of the city. Just in front of it, you will find the sensational brand new British Airways i360, also called Vertical Pier! According to the owners, is the the world’s slenderest tall tower.

Gios at i360
Gios at i360

The tower, 162 meters tall, opened in August, 2016,  is designed as a tall needle structure with an ascending and descending circular viewing platform with capacity for 200 people. It is Britain’s highest moving observation tower: from the top you can enjoy an amazing view of Brighton and the surrounding seaside.

From the Marina, and Brighton Beach, it is an easy walk back into the town. There are many sights worthy a visit: the Royal Pavillion, the Fishing Museum, the Dome, Regency Square… my suggestion is to take your time and walk around Brighton’s streets. You will find much a lot of history and breath in the authentic Victorian atmosphere.

At the heart of the town you will easily get lost in The Lanes. Once the heart of the fishing town of Brighthelmstone, The Lanes is the city’s historic quarter with twisting alleyways: most of the area is pedestrian, so you can enjoy an easy walk around its streets, and feel lost in time while enjoying some great shopping.

Sunset over Brighton Beach
Sunset over Brighton Beach

Feeling hungry in Brighton after all of this up and down from the tower and the long strolls along its streets? In Brighton there is plenty of options, suitable for any foodie. If you are looking for a quick bite, don’t miss the Fish and Chips in the Pier, a traditional and authentic English fast recipe. And, as you are back at the Pier, don’t miss the amazing romantic sunset. If you are lucky, you can enjoy an astonishing view!

If you have some more time to spend seated in a restaurant, there is plenty of choice, for any pockets. Actually, Brighton is much more affordable than London when it comes to food. If you are looking for some authentic Italian food and great wine, head to my favorite place is Donatello. You can enjoy one of the best pizzas and lasagnas around.

Donatello Brighton
Donatello Brighton


What about the famous gay life of Brighton? Just be patient. You will discover it soon with me!

Date of Last Visit: November 2016

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