Corfu island: A Greek Paradise

Corfu island is a Greek Paradise in the Mediterranean.

I love Greece. I visited the country a few times in the past (especially the gay heaven of Mykonos). Last summer, as you know, I joined Saltyboys in their amazing gay nudist sailing cruise around the Saronic Gulf. In that occasion I appreciated also Athens and its fun nightlife.

From the Greek capital, before heading back to Italy, I took an easy (and very cheap) flight: I was not sure about what to expect in Corfu island. Corfu is situated in the Northern Ionian Sea, just below the start of the Adriatic Sea, between Greece’s mainland and Italy. It is actually just in front of the area of Southern Italy where I live, Puglia.

Scruffy Gios in Corfu island
Scruffy Gios in Corfu island

Despite its proximity to where I live, I had never been to Corfu island before: it is just a few hours ride on a ferry with daily connections all year long. Corfu island also offers a very similar landscape to the one I am accustomed to: green and authentically Mediterranean! As soon as I landed in Corfu, I was astonished by its breathtaking green scenery!

If you have been to Greece before, possibly you have visited the Ionic islands, and their dry landscapes. Forget about it: Corfu is nothing but green! If you have never been to Greece, I would then suggest to use the amazing town of Corfu island as an entry point to start exploring this beautiful country. Or, as I did, as the last stop before heading back home.

The airport of Corfu island is walking distance from the center of the town. If like Scruffy Gios, you are an avid backpacker with a light luggage, avoid taxis and just follow the path to the centre of the town.

Corfu town is a monument itself definitely worth a visit! Probably the best known attraction is the medieval fortress, with its fortifications: you can pay a visit to this historical construction, or just enjoy a cheeky sight from the distance for a shameless picture! The fortress is an heritage of the Republic of Venice, willing to defend the island from the Ottoman Empire. Corfu for over 400 years was a colony under the control of the Serenissima: from the XIV to th XVIII century.

All of the historical center of the old town of Corfu town is fascinating: in 2007 it was added into the UNESCO’ World Heritage Monuments List. Its buildings are clearly influenced by the Venetian period, but it is also possible to see neoclassical hints from British and French influence. For example the Liston, the main meeting point of the life of Corfu town, although Venetian in its name, is clearly French in its style.

The historical center of the town is very small, and easy to walk around. Spend a relaxing afternoon having a stroll around its beautiful streets, enjoy a coffee or two in its characteristics bar. Do some shopping in its picturesque shop, visit one museum or two if you fancy, but do not forget to reach the Liston in the evening for a nice Aperol Spritz or two!

I looked for some hints of gay life in the old town of Corfu, but I could not find it! You have to move to the beaches to look for some gay life. I loved the beaches of Corfu very much, as you will soon discover in my blog, and as you can see in the sneaky preview down here.

Scruffy Gios in Issos - Corfu
Scruffy Gios in Issos – Corfu

If you are interested in visiting Greece in Summer 2017 and Corfu is somehow appealing to you, drop me a line or leave a comment below: I will make sure to organize a tour in this beautiful country.

Date of last visit: September 2016

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?