Gay Feast in Kuala Lumpur

The Best Gay Feast of the year is… Christmas of course! Would have you guessed Kuala Lumpur celebrates the merriest holiday of the year in style?


Last year, during my 3 months long trip around Southeast Asia, I visited the Capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

In all honesty, while the rest of Malaysia is definitely beautiful and full of charm (you have already read about my love for Pulau Langkawi, where I spent New Year’s eve 2016), Kuala Lumpur was not my favorite city. Maybe it is my fault, but I could not find the real soul of the city. Although there is one thing that impressed me very much: the way the Malay Capital celebrates the happiest time of the year, the most gay feast of them all, Christmas.

In December, the whole city of Kuala Lumpur is in full swing for Christmas celebrations: a joyous triumph of lights, trees beautifully decorated, buzzing shopping malls full of Santa Clauses… the Malays know how to throw a big party in honor of Xmas! Even the gigantic airport of Kuala Lumpur, KLIA2, was full of decorations where even the Peanuts were invited to participate to this gay feast!

The main religion in Malaysia is Islam, so at first I was a bit surprised by all this enthusiasm toward the Gay Feast of the year, Christmas. But soon I came to the conclusion that what really matters in Kuala Lumpur is just one god: Money. The Malay capital is a business city with a commercial soul: it is obviously devoted to Christmas, the biggest expression of the capitalism.

A walk around Kuala Lumpur

There is not much history in the town. Even the so called Old Town is not very impressive if we compare it to its counterparts in the Old Continent. Kuala Lumpur is a buzzing business city with an international environment, where it is easy to find expats.

The foreigners tend to gather in the area of the Old Colonial District around Merdeka Square; or in the so-called Golden Triangle, in Bukit Bintang (Bukit in Malay means Hill). In this Golden District you can see the worldwide well known symbol of the city, the Petronas Towers, in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). Petronas is a Malaysian oil and gas company owned by the Malay government, and its tower itself is the symbol of the devotion of the city to the capitalism.

KLCC in Kuala LUmpur
KLCC in Kuala LUmpur

Kuala Lumpur is not too big, so you can easily get around it by walking or thanks to its very efficient public transportation system. I suggest you to book your stay in one of the many touristic accommodation options in the Golden Triangle. If you are looking for a decent and affordable solution, the best place is Orange Pekoe. It is a nice guesthouse right in the middle of where the action is.

Scruffy Gios in Orange Pekoe Guesthouse KL
Scruffy Gios in Orange Pekoe Guesthouse KL

Do you still want to visit Kuala Lumpur? Please do so around the Gay Feast of the Year, Christmas. In another moment of the year I am not sure you could be very impressed by the city. Have you already been there? What do you think of this city? Looking forward to reading your impressions in the Comments here below.

Date of Last Visit: December 2015

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?