Gay Hotel: Arthur and Paul

I visited in Phnom Penh at the end of November 2015. In that occasion I had the opportunity of spending a whole weekend in Arthur and Paul, a gay hotel. 

I absolutely loved it! I fell in love with its location, its atmosphere, its service. Furthermore all the staff was so attentive and really caring!

Arthur and Paul is in the centre of Phnom Penh, in a renovated 1930’s Art Deco building. The design and the architecture of the building is definitely a big plus! Plus, the attention to the detail is unbeatable. Every feature in each ambient of the hotel and within the rooms is taken great care of! The hotel was designed with romance, luxury and discretion in mind!

What a place!

The room was very large with all the comforts, including a very big bed and a huge Italian shower! I found out each of the 10 rooms of the hotel is very big (from 290 square feet to 463 square feet). Every room is unique, bearing the names of the most famous and glamorous gay personalities and gay couples: Jules and Jim, Yves and Pierre, Pierre and Gilles, Kola Botom, Mika, Stefano and Domenico, Ricky, Jean and Jean, Tom and Richard, Elton and David. You can easily associate these names to their famous surnames, can’t you?

The most amazing feature of the hotel is the swimming pool. I spent most of my days chilling around it! It looks like a tropical island within the city: the amazing waterfall cascading into the pool makes the ambient of the hotel definitely unique. It is a refreshing oasis to escape from the heat of Phnom Penh!

A great place where to stay!

Arthur and Paul is a 100% gay hotel, men-only, clothing optional. And yes this means you can hang around naked all day long in every public area of the hotel. It is also the only 100% male-only hotel of the capital of Cambodia! The hotel features also a great spa, open to the public every day, from 5pm until midnight. As you can imagine, it means you have the chance to meet not only the guests of this gay hotel, but also many cute gay locals, expats or like-minded gay travelers 😉

I had such a great time at Arthur and Paul! I will definitely go back if I happen to be around Phnom Penh again. So you should do! Say hello to the handsome staff from Scruffy Gios! I promise they well remember who I am :)

If you need any other info about the hotel or help with booking an accommodation with them feel free to get in touch with me.

Date of Last Visit: November 2016

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?