Gay Madrid – A SCRUFFy Guide

Gay Madrid: the gay scene of the Spanish capital is very big!

I used to live in Madrid a few years ago (2010-2011): many things have changed in these years, the gay life has definitely improved, if possible! Madrid has always been a very popular place with bears, cubs and their admirers. I visited in the last month of May, to find out that the Scruffy scene is even better than usual!

As you should know, Madrid every year at the beginning of December hosts Mad Bear,  one of the biggest Scruffy gatherings in the world. But also throughout the year, bears, muscle bears, otters, cubs, and all the Scruffy types we love, have plenty of places to choose from in the city.

I visited in the last month of May, and I managed to enjoy a very few good nights in Chueca, the very popular Gay Madrid area. Just a warning! If you plan to visit Spain, be prepared: nightlife starts usually very late! In Spain it is common to sit for dinner around 10pm. For this reason most bars will be empty until midnight, and some clubs won’t get full before 2am (most of them closing at 6am).

So, these are my top 5 suggestions of Scruffy places to enjoy Gay Madrid!

THE PASO Gay Madrid Bar
THE PASO Gay Madrid Bar

The Paso. If you are in Madrid during a week night and fancy to start the evening with a relaxed drink, this is definitely the bar you have to check out: it tends to be busy every night of the week (busier during the weekend of course). Located in the central Plaza de Pedro Zerolo (ex Plaza de Vazquez de Mella), right in the middle of where the action is, just a few steps from the main street of Madrid, Gran Via, The Paso is a bar very popular with Scruffy types. This said, don’t be scared: the clientele is pretty mixed and I am sure you will find the right man for your life (or your night, at least!). The venue is pretty small, so you better get in early, especially during the weekend: its 2×1 special offers on drinks before midnight are in very high demand! The pop music from the screens on the walls help make the atmosphere friendly and relaxed.


Fraggelpop. This is the best bar to start your Scruffy night in gay Madrid over the weekend. Fraggelpop is definitely a bar for Scruffy men: Bears, musclebears, otters, cubs, and their admirers flock to this bar every Friday and Saturday night before heading to other bars in Chueca or to a club (most likely the Bearbie, as I will show you in a bit). The atmosphere of the Fraggelpop is friendly and relaxed: have one, two, three pints of Mahou (the very own Madrid’s beer) while enjoying some good tunes. Its music, mostly good pop, commercial and rock, played by excellent DJs, will likely make you shake that thing in your pants for a good long session on the dance floor at the back. The bar stays open until 3 am, and gets packed with the right people around 1 am; check it out!

Zarpa. This bar is a new addition to the Scruffy scene of Gay Madrid. Located very close to Plaza Pedro Zerolo, in Calle de la Infanta, Zarpa is a chilled bar where to head around midnight for a drink or two. The crowd is very mixed: sporty men as well as hot SCRUFFy studs and bearded fitties are all likely to be found in this very cute venue,  sipping a copa while dancing on the latest pop music until it closes. I really enjoyed its chilled atmosphere and its friendly environment.

Scruffy Gios in Zarpa
Scruffy Gios in Zarpa

Bearbie. This is in my opinion the best Scruffy club of any Saturday night in Madrid. I loved it, and you love it too: a few of you, my lovely followers, stopped me in this fun bar to greet me and take a picture with me! Thank you very much!

The Bearbie, in the Plaza Pedro Zerolo (Vazquez de Mella), is a very big venue: two different rooms, featuring pop and dance music, are both very crowded with hotties, most of the times shirtless of course. As its name suggests, the bar is very popular with bears and their admirers, but I must say the crowd is pretty mixed and friendly! I had a blast in this club. I loved its relaxed atmosphere, great for dancing and very helpful for chatting to the hotties!

Churros con Chocolate. If you are into Pop Music and drag acts this is a night you can’t miss in Madrid. Churros Con Chocolate is my favorite one night party: it is a tribute to the Italian pop icon Raffaella Carrà, my idol!

Chocochurros, as it is nicknamed, is a monthly event: it takes place in Madrid on the first Sunday of every month in the very central Sala Cool. The crowd is very mixed: the friendly pop music and relaxed atmosphere attract youngsters, professionals and Scruffy men alike. Anything really goes in the Chocolate Con Churros nights: If you are after a nice drag show, a good few drinks with hot new mates, and are keen to shake it off on the dance floor for a good few hours on a Sunday afternoon, this is definitely the best party you can find in Madrid!

Do you have any other suggestions for a Scruffy night in Gay Madrid? Feel free to add your choices, below in the section of the comments, or drop me a line! So, if you are interested in planning a trip to gay Madrid, let me know!

Date of last visit: May 2016

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