Gay Phuket

Gay Phuket: the gay life in Phuket island happen mostly in the very touristic area of Patong.

Gay Phuket Rainbow Flag – Patong beach
Gay Phuket Rainbow Flag – Patong beach

As you already know Patong has a very long beach: 3.5 kilometers of sand! But you definitely can’t miss the gay beach: just look for the rainbow flag, and you will easily find the fun!

The gay beach of Patong is very well known not only among the tourists. Especially in the late afternoon, just before the sunset, It is very common to see many gay locals making their way to the gay beach. There is also a very nice beach volleyball field, where most locals have fun!

At night, gay Pukhet life happen in the so called Paradise Complex, where you can find plenty of restaurants, bars, hotels and guethouses. I spent a couple of nights sleeping in the very well mantained Sundowners Guesthouse.

Gios in Sundowners Guesthouse
Gios in Sundowners Guesthouse

Sundowners Guesthouse is located right in the middle of Phuket’s gay street, on top of one of its many bars (as you can easily imagine, the bar is called Sundowners too). All the staff of the guesthouse is very friendly and attentive: the rooms are clean, spacious, and equipped with all the comforts.

I was invited to stay in the master bedroom: the bed was huge! And so comfortable! I did not want to leave! The only issue of the area is that the nightlife in the gay street is lively until very late: if you are a party-goer, and are in Phuket for its fun nightlife, then there is no better place to stay in than the gay street! If you are looking for some quieter place, then it is better to look for accomodation somewhere else.

Scruffy Gios and Drags in Boat Bar - Patong
Scruffy Gios and Drags in Boat Bar – Patong

There are many gay bars around the Paradise complex! My favourite one? The Boat Bar! Every night the Boat Bar hosts at least a couple of drag shows: the drags are so good at their job, so much entertaining! And the bar is plenty of hotties!!!

Are you interested in knowing more about Patong or Phuket? Drop me a line and I can help you booking your next gay Phuket holidays! Many a gay love Phuket: now you know why!

Date of last visit: January 2016

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