The Gay Selfie of your life: Ko Nang Yuan

Where can you take the best gay selfie of your life? Ko Nang Yuan! I can’t deny it! If I could choose a place on earth where to lie for eternity, I would have no doubt! I would choose this tiny Thai island, a true Paradise on earth!


Maybe you were wondering in what place on the earth I have taken the beautiful picture that I use in the header of my blog! In fact Ko Nang Yuan is a place that everybody has seen, in many pictures, and that everybody has visited at least once, in their dreams! For sure you have bumped into pictures of the idyllic island I am talking about in many travel pictures of your friends, relatives, or your second favorite travel blogger (second after me, obviously!).

In fact, why should you ever visit Ko Nang Yuan? But for taking the best selfie (and gay selfie too!) of your life, obviously! Like the one I took, and that I love so much!

OK OK… some people visit this tiny beautiful set¬†of three islands in the Thai Gulf islands for having a dip¬†in its sea, snorkel around, to meet face to face with¬†the many different types¬†of tropical fishes living in its¬†waters; some people enjoy diving into its crystaline sea, as the place is very popular worldwide as a diving site! Some other tourists instead¬†just enjoy its coral-sand beach while sipping a cocktail, feeling in heaven!

The three tiny islands universally known as Ko Nang Yuan are connected by white strips of sand, that, depending on the daily tide, are partially or totally submerged during the day. Although apparently far from everything, secluded from the rest of the world, to get to Ko Nang Yuan is actually very easy!

I organized my 1 day visit to these Paradise on earth while I was staying in Ko Tao: less than 15 minutes on board of a longtail boat and I was there!

Drinks on Ko Nang Yuan
Drinks on Ko Nang Yuan

The highlight of my trip, of course, was to get up to Ko Nang Yuan famous viewpoint to take the best gay selfie of my life (so far)! It is located on the smallest of the three islands: make sure to wear sneakers before venturing to the top!  Although the hike, no more than 20 minutes, is not too difficult, and doable by everybody, it is always better to bring a good pair of shoes, in case of slippery rocks.

Gay Selfie for Gios
Gay Selfie for Gios

The view from up there is astonishing, don’t you think?

Ready for a trip to Thailand to take the best gay selfie of your life? If so, feel free to contact me and let’s travel together!

Date of last visit: November 2015

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?