Trekking in Thailand – A unique experience

Welcome to the photo-story of my experience of Trekking in Thailand!

I didn’t know Thailand was such a great place for trekking! I found it out when I first touched the Thai soil. In October 2015, on my first trip to Southeast Asia, soon after arriving in beautiful Bangkok, ¬†I started organizing a few excursions around Thailand. As I was not sure on how it worked, I asked help to a touristic agency, licensed by¬†the TAT (the official Tourism of Thailand Association).

I followed the recommendations of my tuk tuk driver around Bangkok and he put me in good hands! The agency planned everything for me:¬†flights around Thailand, train tickets for short ways, accommodation, trekking excursions… After, I learned that I could have avoided to book the excursions in advance: once arrived in Chiang Mai, the starting point of most¬†trekking trips, it is easy to arrange a few days of exploration, as there are plenty of agencies willing to help!

I flew into Chiang Mai, the second largest city of Thailand, located in the northern plains. Chiang Mai is a pleasant, 700 years old city, which is a beautiful place to visit on its own. If you have time, I’d suggest you to reserve one full day (or at least one afternoon) of your trip to visit the ancient Buddhist temple of the city.

I had chosen a 3 days (2 nights) trekking excursions: the perfect length to explore the amazing green scenery Thailand has to offer! Luckily enough, I was put in a very nice trekking group, all around my age (or younger): a good bunch of 12 guys and gals! We bonded and we are still in contact!

Day 1 – Trekking in Thailiand

On Day 1, the tour guide picked us up from our hotel in Chiang Mai. After 1 and a half hour ride, we arrived to the starting point of the trek. We had a long, but fairly easy, walk (around 4 hours) through the jungle. Along the way, we made a few stops of course: the highlight was an amazing swim in some beautiful cascades!

In the late afternoon we arrived to a small rural village, up on the hills, with a great view over the countryside! We were guests of a family of the village. We entered in contact with a very friendly family: they made us feel like at home! We were very curious about their lifestyle and their customs: thanks to the help of our tour guide, we managed to communicate with them, although none of them could speak any language expect their local dialect. They are accustomed to host western people: almost every day some small groups of tourists trekking in Thailand stop at their place and ask for their hospitality.

The¬†mother of the family prepared a delicious dinner for us (rice based of course!). In the meanwhile we were chatting and getting to know each other better. We spent the rest of the evening having a few drinks around the campfire, that our tour guide lit for us. The village was very rural, so that we had the opportunity to enjoy¬†the simplicity of the ancient old times. Rustic¬†toilets, no electricity… The only lights to brighten up our night were the small campfire, and the stars in the sky!¬†We slept in a big wooden house. Tired after the long day, we went to bed fairly early, with the mosquitoes singing our lullaby.

Day 2 – Trekking in Thailand

On the morning of the Day 2 the singing of the roasters of the village woke up fairly early! After a good breakfast, by 8 AM we were ready for another long walk through the jungle. It was a very sunny and hot day, but the shade of the trees helped us make it through the day!

Fresh Morning Shower for Gios
Fresh Morning Shower for Gios

In the early afternoon we arrived to our home for the night, another beautiful wooden house by the river! We jumped in the river as soon as we could, while our tour guides prepared us a great dinner! Exhausted from the long walk, we fell asleep early!

Day 3 – Trekking in Thailand

Day 3 was the final walk of my beautiful adventure of trekking in Thailand. On our way back to the starting point of the trek, we still had two adventurous fun stops: we enjoyed a ride on top of the elephants in the Elephant Nature Park and a canoying trip on the river surrounding it!

I didn’t know trekking in Thailand was so much fun! And there is still so much left I have¬†to discover! Next time in Southeast Asia, I plan¬†to discover other green areas in the surroundings: the green valley of Pai, Chiang Rai, and from there to make may way into Laos on a boat trip down the Mekong river.

Fancy joining me in this new adventure of trekking in Thailand? I am planning a new trip to the Land of Smiles in Winter 2017! Feel free to add your interest in the comments below, or drop me a line!

Date of Last Visit: October 2015

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