Gay Yoga Retreat in Puglia – join me!

Join me this October for on an exclusive Gay Yoga Retreat in the southernmost tip of Puglia, known as Salento. Only €690 per person if you book by April, 30.

Gay Yoga Retrat with Gios
Gay Yoga Retreat with Gios

In need of a holiday with meditation, relaxation and fun? Book your place now in the Italian sunshine at the beginning of October (8-15 October 2017). We will spend a full week in a typical Apulian Masseria (farmstead) set within acres of olive groves and close to stunning beaches which are within cycling distance. This setting makes it the perfect spot to relax and tune out from the noise of our fast paced lives!

We will stay near Otranto, a gem within this area, known for its mix of East meets West architecture. Our exclusive Gay Yoga Retreat also allows you to experience more than just Yoga. You can hop on a bicycle and visit the amazing beaches nearby, explore the quaint towns and villages, trek through the natural landscape and dine in beautiful Salento cities.

Otranto - Gem of Puglia
Otranto – Gem of Puglia

Of course you are here for yoga! No matter what your level, you will be in safe hands. Our Vinyasa and Yen based yoga sessions will keep you feeling invigorated and transformed. Over the 7 days we will work on the chakra system (in ascending order) and incorporate a different chakra for each day of the retreat. Since there are only men in the class, we focus on a yoga that not only strengthens the body but also the mind. Plus, our top notch teacher,  Caleb, a student of yoga masters Krishna Puthabi Joyce and Mr. Iyengar will guide you through the week ensuring you leave the retreat a different person! For more information about the style of yoga we will focus on and the yoga teacher please check the official page of the tour.

If you are really looking for the mind, body, spirit experience then look no further. Our Gay Yoga Retreat offers the perfect solution. The exclusive Masseria we have carefully selected offers 5 star services. It is equiped with a swimming pool, a gorgeous restaurant and on-site sports and holistic massage therapist to look after your every need.

Yoga Retreat in Puglia
Yoga Retreat in Puglia

We will stay in Masseria Gattamora! Located on the outskirts of Otranto, near the small town of Uggiano La Chiesa. This is the perfect spot to forget your troubles, clear your mind and just relax. Upon arrival you will be greeted and shown to your room as well as given a tour of the facilities that are at your disposal for the duration of your stay. If the weather is good why not take a splash in the pool?

Typically the days on the Gay Yoga Retreat start with an early morning session of Yoga. We will meet either on the rooftop overlooking the olive grove or outside in the grounds of the estate. Each yoga session will be tailored and there will be a mix of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Don’t be too worried about your level, our teacher is here to help and the classes are designed for everyone to progress.

We will then move to the old farm stalls, now converted into a restaurant: a hearty breakfast will follow the morning yoga session!  We cater for all so please let us know your dietary requirements!

Yoga experience in Puglia
Yoga experience in Puglia

Between breakfast and the early evening yoga class you will have the opportunity to do as much as you like or as little as you like! The Masseria is fully equipped with a bar, Swimming pool, Restaurant and  Wi-fi. You can either stay in the Masseria and focus on meditation, private led lessons, massage and relaxation or you can go out and explore the nearby town by foot.

We have designed this exclusive Gay Yoga Retreat for flexibility to ensure that each individual has the best experience. For those looking to detox, just ask. The cooks at the Masseria will be happy to prepare healthy meals for you!

Just before the sun sets down our teacher will hold an evening yoga class. These Yen based classes incorporate the energetic body into the practice by stimulation of the subtle body, the fascia through engagement with the physical body, which helps you come to a point of balance in body, mind, and spirit. All this whilst watching the sun set over the estate.

In the evenings you are free to go for dinner at the onsite restaurant or grab a meal in the town. Again, the choice is yours. There is also a bar and plenty of living/social areas where you can interact with your fellow yogis! In addition, we will have some meditation/Thai chi/relaxation sessions thrown in for good measure.

Yoga on the beach
Yoga on the beach

This Gay Yoga Retreat week will be an excellent way for getting to know new people from all over the world. Then, fancy joining me in a very friendly, quiet and relaxed environment?  Only €690 per person if you book by April, 30. Book now and see you soon!

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