Gran Canaria – Gay beach and fun

Gran Canaria is a heaven! Gay beach and lot of fun: what can go wrong?


Naked Gios on Gran Canaria
Naked Gios on Gran Canaria

As you already know the center of the gay life is Playa del Ingles. Just aĀ short walk along the sand (throughĀ the huge Riu Palace hotel) from Playa del Ingles you can find theĀ infamous sand dunes (gay heaven forĀ nudists and beyond) and the world well known Chiringuito 7. It is the place where to beĀ during the day: on this gay beach (and on the dunes surrounding it) nudism is allowed. Every morningĀ of the year all the gays visiting the island (and they are many, I promise!) gather around the Chiringuito 7 to start their day and to suntan their white bits! Since the early afternoon you will enjoy many a drink to cool off at the friendly bar on the beach. It is the perfect part of the day to make new friends!

You can play volleyball on the sand, chat around with like minded people, listen to your favorute music, have a jump into the waves: it is impossible not to have fun on Gran Canaria beach!

I met many new friends onĀ Gran Canaria beach, every time I visited, from all Europe! Once in a while, you can also meet people from different parts of the world: Americans, Russians, even South Africans.

The nationality most represented overall is undoubtedly the German one! Germans love Gran Canaria… And Scruffy Gios love Germans too :) maybe they areĀ the reason why I love Gran Canaria so much!!! On the gay beach of Gran Canaria, the Germans even celebrate their German Carnival, on November 11th! It is a very fun day you should not miss!

After a few hours under the sun,Ā and a few cheeky beers at the Chiringuito 7, it comes my favorite part of the day! From around 4pm most of the people will leave the gay beach (sometimes even too early for my liking) and will head towards the big lighthouse. Just before getting to the lighthouse you will find by the beach the best gay bar for the aperitif: the Strand Apotheke. The bar has been running for over 25 years! It is an institution around, and it is very popular withĀ German visitors! Beware: you can enjoyĀ a few hours sippingĀ plenty of beer (obviously!) listening to cheeky German folk and pop music! If it’s not your thing, better to stay away from it!

Scruffy Gios in Cafe Wien
Scruffy Gios in Cafe Wien

As an alternative, after the beach you can instead head back to Playa del Ingles and stop by the Cita Center. At the first floor, you will find another institution: the Cafe Wien. People will stop for a slice of amazing cake and a coffee!

I loveĀ Gran Canaria, its gay beach and its fun, so much! Are you joining me for Gay Pride?

Date of last visit: May 2015.

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