Gran Canaria – Gay Heaven and beyond

I love Grana canaria: not only a Gay heaven! It is a beautiful island!


I can’t count all the times I have been to Gran Canaria. My first visit was in 2010. Back then I used to live in Madrid, which is obviously very well connected with the Canary Islands (which are part of Spain in fact). Since then I have been back to Gran Canaria at least once a year. Between 2014 and 2015, I even spent on the island 6 months in a row!

It was during that long period that I had the opportunity to travel around the island and get to know it fairly well. I had many friends visiting from many different places and I had to be their (almost) perfect tour guide around the island.

Gran Canaria is pretty big. If you have enough time during your holiday I suggest you to rent a car for a day and to explore its beautiful landscapes: it is really worthy! On the island you can find not only beautiful beaches all around! You can also discover a lot of history and mountain landscapes.

The center of the life in this Gay Heaven is the southern part of the island, Playa del Ingles. Let’s be honest: Playa del Ingles is not fancy! It is an ugly aggregation of concrete built with a strange taste during the ’70s. The most beautiful part of the area is its amazing surroundings: the beach and its dunes are definitely breathtaking! You will get to know them with me soon!

All the gay life of Playa del Ingles happens around the Yumbo Centera shopping center packed with tourists looking for the best bargain of clothing or shoes during the day, and with gays, drags, and their friends during the night!

Most of the gay bars, cabaret shows, cruising bars are in the Yumbo Center: there is something really for each taste! My top 3 favorite bars?

  • Wunderbar, on the ground floor: a German bar with a nice mixed crowd, youngish. Every week it hosts a fun Eurovision night, not to miss!
  • Center Stage, on the first floor: if you are in love with musicals and English crowds, it is definitely a bar to check out
  • Mykonos, on the third floor: it gets crowded pretty late (from 1 AM onwards) but it’s definitely worthy to stop by before heading back home (alone or in good company) if you fancy a bit of pop music!

There are many other bars all over the Yumbo. I am a good boy, so I don’t really know about the cruising scene 😉 But I heard they are a lot of good fun too!

Yumbo Center is fun 4
Yumbo Center is fun 4

As the center of Gran Canaria Gay Heaven, the Yumbo center is also the main stage of the many gay events Playa del Ingles proudly hosts throughout the year! The main one is obviously the Maspalomas Gay Pride!

I have been to the funnest Gay Pride ever a couple of times already. Last year, 2015 too :)

I am going to be back again this year! From tomorrow, 9th May,  until 19th May I will be in Playa del Ingles… looking forward! Are you joining too? Drop me an email and let’s catch up!

Date of last visit: May 2015

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  1. We’re going to GC for our first time in June – finally after so many years of talking about it :) Did you hear the sad news that the government wants to crack down on LGBT business around Yumbo centre?

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