Italy Gay Summer Pride at XXL gay club

What is your favourite gay club ever? If you ask that question to me I have no doubts at all: XXL London.

Gios at XXL Gay Club in London
Gios at XXL Gay Club in London

What are your plans on Saturday, June 24? Meet me and Italy Gay Travels at XXL London for the official Launch Party of the long-awaited Italy Gay Summer Pride.

Exactly one year ago today, I published my personal SCRUFFy Guide to Gay Dance Nights of London. I mentioned XXL London as one of my favourite Gay nights. When I started thinking of the Italy Gay Summer Pride 2017, the first partner that came to my mind was my favorite Gay Club, XXL.

When we proposed the exceptional XXL London’s team to support our big event (that, as you know will take place end of September in Gallipoli, Puglia) they were enthusiastic! We are very thrilled to have found such an exceptional partner for our first event. Because XXL is a very well known brand worldwide. XXL London will bring the best beats at the Official Italy Gay Summer Pride Party. The DJ name is still a secret, but we will announce it very soon.
XXL night with Italy Gay Summer Pride
XXL night with Italy Gay Summer Pride

Why do I like XXL so much? Because it is the perfect type of gay club I like. And because it does exactly what it says on the tin. Bears, musclebears, otters, bearded SCRUFFy men, chunks, chubs and obviously their chasers meet up every Saturday at the Pulse Club for the best “Cruise and booze” party in town. And yes, there is a lot cruising involved. The club has a very big cruising area in the back, with a lot of fun. Or at least that is what they say 😉

If you don’t know the club, you should check it out with me tomorrow tonight. Friendly crowd with zero attitude, amazing lighting, top notch music and two dance floors catering for different musical tastes make it a really special great club. The main room plays mostly contemporary house and dance. The  smaller one, my favorite,  plays mostly pop and R & B.

Whether you are a patron or not, if you are in London tomorrow night then you should join Italy Gay Travels for the best Gay Club night around: Jock Nights at XXL London. And look for me in my harness: come say hi and let’s have a selfie!

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?