Italy Gay Travels Launches in Style

I am happy and proud to invite you to the London Launch Drinks of my new start-up project: Italy Gay Travels!

Please join us on Saturday, 18th February, for a few cheeky drinks at the Duke of Wellington, in Soho, London from 7pm. You will find us on the first floor.

About Italy Gay Travels

I am a born traveller. As such, I love exploring, getting to know other cultures, meeting new people and learning every day. I love to share what I unearth every day with my followers around the world: my little blog, The Scruffy Italian Traveller, now has a well established follower base on various platforms. In just over a year’s activity, my posts have reached over 100.000 active readers.

However, I have a special place in my heart, the beautiful country where I come from, Italy. And, in particular, I am in love with the amazing region where I was born, Puglia, in the heel of the boot. Some of you, I am sure, have already heard about this place in the world.

If you happen to have visited Puglia already, you will know what I am talking about. Infinite lines of olive trees stretching as far the eye can see; stunning cliff faces cascading into the sea; quiet rural villages surrounded by breathtaking landscapes; pagan symbols echoing a bygone era; sandy beaches and crystalline waters. This is Puglia, and you can easily understand from these few words why I am in love with it.

Gios in Salento Gallipoli
Gios in Salento Gallipoli

Italy Gay Travels then was born to let the world discover this amazing spot of the world. IGT (as we confidentially nickname it) organizes all gay tours and events in Puglia, in Southern Italy. We have prepared, together with some of the most prepared professionals in the Italian hospitality industry, a few exciting trips I am happy to share with you.

About us at Italy Gay Travels

Kendall, my business partner, is an adoptive Puglia man.  He is a South African born traveller who moved to the UK in his early 20’s. After trying the fast-paced city life of London for many years he realised it was not for him. So, he started travelling the world and discovered that he liked places that were down and dirty. He also developed a love for all things holistic and spiritual and started a journey down that path.

Gios and Kendall launch Italy Gay Travels
Gios and Kendall launch Italy Gay Travels

A journey that brought him on holiday to Puglia, a place that stole his heart. He fell so in love with Puglia that he decided to call this place home. He is currently restoring a beautiful farmstead (Masseria) near Martina Franca.

That is where we met, and created our start up business. Italy Gay Travels offers both guided and tailor made tours around Puglia. You will have the opportunity to discover one of the most amazing regions of Italy, the way you want to. Puglia is rich in culture, cuisine and inspiring landscapes.

Sunset over Puglia
Sunset over Puglia

Launch Drinks in Soho, London

In our London Launch Event we will be happy to show you a few of the projects we are working on. Do you already have plans for the first week of June or September? If not, join our 7 days easy bike tour tailor made for you. We will then guide you through some of the most stunning places that Salento, the Southernmost tip of Puglia, has to offer.

Our main target at Italy Gay Travels is the LGBT market. Why? Because we are gay, obviously. And because we are travellers. That means we are proud of who we are, and we know what an LGBT traveller wants from a gay holiday: a safe and friendly atmosphere first of all. More than anything, Puglia is a safe and welcoming haven, for any tourist.

Scruffy Gios in Puglia Lecce
Scruffy Gios in Puglia Lecce

With Italy Gay Travels tours our guests will unearth dazzling natural sceneries as well as architectural gems, such as the fascinating cities of Lecce and Gallipoli. Cities with a buzzing gay nightlife. Gallipoli (not Turkey!) will also be the set of Italy Gay Summer Party, a 4 days beach party, at the end of September.

I really hope to see you all at our London Launch Event. I will be very happy to tell you all about this exciting new project, Italy Gay Travels! The attendees of the event will be offered a sensational discount for booking our very first bike tour in Puglia, this June. What are you waiting for? See you at the Welly!


Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?