Koh Lipe Gay Italian Guide

Koh Lipe Gay? Definitely yes!

Koh Lipe is a very tiny island in the deep south of Thailand, where you can’t find any cars at all! It is best experienced on foot: everything is walking distance! Anyway, if you feel lazy, you can decide to rent a bike, a horse, or a tuk tuk! I arrived there with a speedboat from the island of Langkawi, in Malaysia. Once in Koh Lipe, the boats leave the visitors for passport control on Pattaya beach, a very long sandy beach which hosts a picturesque small immigration office: a truly unique experience to cross the border right on the sand :)

Scruffy Gios on hammock
Scruffy Gios on hammock

Pattaya beach features a good amount of resorts, although if you are looking for a quieter environment, you should definitely head to Sunrise beach, as I did. I stayed in a very nice bungalow complex, Satun Dive Resort, chilled and relaxing, mainly aimed to divers. On the same Sunrise Beach, there are also a few cheap bungalows resorts directly in front of the beach, perfect for a romantic treat, although usually the bungalows are much smaller than what you can find walking down a few meters behind the beachfront.


The best beaches are on the northern side of the island: particularly buzzing at sunset time, obviously, is Sunset Beach! Head there just before sunset time and enjoy fresh mojitos for only 100 Bahts! I had plenty of them! Cin cin :) If you are looking for a more relaxing spot, you can move down to the beautiful small Billa beach: great mojitos, a little bit more expensive, and a cozy atmosphere will help you recharge the batteries!

Koh Lipe is part of the amazing Ko Tarutao National Marine Park: it comprises 51 islands, most uninhabited. Close to Koh Lipe two bigger islands: Koh Tarutao and Koh Adang, both of them easily reachable via longtail boats leaving from Sunrise beach. I ventured on the wonderful Koh Adang, and fell in love with it! As soon as you arrive to the island, start the trail up to the viewpoints: the amazing picture of Koh Lipe featured in  this post was taken from the higher viewpoint. Bring comfortable trainers and plenty of water for the walk: it can be hard, but it is definitely worthy! Koh Adang features also amazing beaches! If you are lucky enough you can find quiet spots with nobody around where to hang out naked :p

Koh Lipe has also an iteresting nighlife: most of the bars are located on the High Street and on Pattaya beach. What I found out is that the island is loved by European gays, and especially by gay Italian guys: wherever you go, you will hear Italian speakers!

Scruffy Gios on Sunrise Beach
Scruffy Gios on Sunrise Beach

Maybethe gays love the island because of its beautiful environment (look at the amazing Sunrise Beach!), or its position very close to paradise-like spots, such as Koh Adang: if you open Scruff or Grindr, you are very likely to have a successfull hookup! Also, some of the bars on the main street are definitely gay friendl: my favourite one, Maya Bar! So is Koh Lipe gay? Yes Koh Lipe is definitely a gay friendly corner of Paradise, well worthy a visit!

Date of last visit: January 2016

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?