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As you know, or as at least the name of my blog should suggest, I am Italian :) I actually come from a beautiful region of Italy: Puglia! Apulia (as it is often known abroad, from its original latin name), the so called heel of the boot is a gem full of wonders! Please let me show you one of these: the Alberobello trulli.

Gios in Alberobello Trulli
Gios in Alberobello Trulli

First of all: what is a trullo? A trullo is a traditional construction, typical of the Valle d’Itria: a small round house made of dry stone with a conical roof. The Valle d’Itria is a specific area of Puglia, spreading over three different provinces: Bari, Brindisi and Taranto.

Trulli started to be built in this area in the 16th century as farmers’ shelters. As some historics say, being built only of stones, trulli could be seen as a temporary storehouses to avoid taxation, as they were easy to dismantle when the King’s tax inspectors were in the area. Whatever the real origin of these constructions, the heavy stone walls have a practical reason: to ease with some cool the baking summers of Puglia, and to preserve the warmth from the fireplaces during the otherwise cold winters.

Typically, on top of the trulli, there is a large Paleo-Christian magical symbol for luck. In the last couple of centuries, trulli have not been used much: these poor constructions have often been abandoned and dismissed. Only over the last few decades most of these properties have been restored and brought to new life as typical local constructions to be preserved.

Trulli are in all of towns comprising the Itria Valley and in their surroundings. But the highest concentration of trulli can be visited in the pictoresque historical centre of a specific town of the area: Alberobello.

Rione Monti, the historical district preserving the majority of Alberobello trulli, was an abandoned area up until the early ’80s, when a few local craftsmen and entrepreneurs decided to buy most of the constructions, to restore them and to use them as bed and breakfasts, or as a seat for other local businesses (mostly cafes, souvenir shops ans restaurants).

Alberobello Trulli  have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996. Since then, Alberobello has become one of the main touristic attractions of Puglia: from all over the world, tourists flock to the town, willing to have a stroll along the characteristic streets of the Monti district, and even to spend a few nights between the stone walls of the Alberobello Trulli.

Are you interested in visiting Alberobello, and getting to know better my beautiful Puglia? Just drop me a line and I will gladly be your guide!

Date of Last Visit: June 2016

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