La Bella Italia – Polignano Puglia

Ready to fly nel blu dipinto di blu? Welcome to Polignano Puglia!

Polignano a Mare is the town where Domenico Modugno, was born. He interpreted the most popular Italian song in the world, Volare Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu. In fact, in Polignano you can find Blue flags everywhere. Those flags do not only recall the famous song and its singer, but also indicate that environmental organizations reward its blue sea among the cleanest in Italy.

Gios Volare nel Blu Dipinto di Blu
Gios Volare nel Blu Dipinto di Blu

Polignano is small town south of Bari, in my beautiful Puglia. As many other locations along the Adriatic Sea, it has a coastline of cliffs and caves. Despite the man lived in the area since Neolithic times, the landscapes that are intertwined in the urban environment remain extremely suggestive.

A walk in Polignano

The best way to start a visit in the beautiful Pulignano? But With a nice cocktail of course! La Casa del Mojito features professional cocktail makers, therefore able to create the perfect taste for your holiday. Just ask what you need and they will satisfy any whim. Glass in hand, walking here and there, you can discover the historic center. The buzzing nightlife of Polignano happens right here.

Perched near the Clock Tower you can find the sober cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. The church conceals many artworks inside. And among them, the Nativity by Stefano da Putignano: it has been declared a national monument. From the Middle Ages to today, several restorations have touched the church: hence art lovers can appreciate the different styles during their visits.

I bet you are hungry by now. You should know that the nearby town of Bari is very well known for the focaccia. It is a kind of pizza is seasoned only with tomatoes, oregano, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Also in Polignano Puglia you will find this street food as an aperitif. And you can taste my favorite one in Focacceria Delle Noci Marco: try it and let me know.

The landscapes of Polignano

The beauty of Polignano Puglia is not only due to the man work. Also the nature itself offers to the town a magnificent setting where to enjoy some relax. If you want to admire the most beautiful beaches around, then book your stay at the hotel Covo dei Saraceni. This resort overlooks Monachile Lama, a small cove where tourists, passers-by and Polignano inhabitants themselves use to meet.

The scenario is similar to the nearby Castellana Grotte but here you have the opportunity to observe it in the light of the sun: a whole different story. Along the coast and not too far away from that cove, Grotta Palazzese excels with its restaurant on the cliff over the sea.

If you like seafood, you can taste the most delicious one in Polignano Puglia at Tuccino. This restaruant is located further north on the seaside, featuring a stunning seaview. To get there just walk along the promenade of Via San Vito, where the beach and the rocks seem to hug freely in a stunning scenery!

Sleeping in Polignano

Most of the bed and breakfasts of Polignano Puglia are located near the old town. Although, if you fancy an authentic Apulian lifestule, try and visit a typical masseria in the hinterland. My favorite one, as you already know, is Villa Cappelli, gay friendly, no more than half a hour drive from Polignano. Another place to check out in the surroundings is the beautiful and very well equipped Masseria Torre Catena.

Stunning Views in Polignano Puglia
Stunning Views in Polignano Puglia

If you are looking for a very stylish and luxury holiday, try Borgobianco Resort in Contrada Casello Cavuzzi: definitely the best high end experience around.

What do you think? I hope you love Polignano like I did! Fancy a visit? Drop me a line or leave a comment: I will be happy to organize your tour around the area!

Date of Last Visit: November 2016

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