Summer is officially here and it is now time to hit the beach, the stunning Gay Salento beaches! Oh well, I hear you saying: you live on a beach! That is partially true! For Scruffy Gios indeed life is a beach :)

Puglia is the beautiful region where I come from, and where I spend most of my spare time, between a trip and the next one! Puglia is full of amazing beaches, very friendly too! The southernmost part of the region is called Salento: you will discover more about the beauty of this area in my upcoming posts.

For the moment, and to start planning your next holidays, why not a last minute 2016 Summer holidays, take a look at my favorite beaches in gay Salento: look for me, you are likely to meet me there!

Here is the Scruffy Top 3 list of Gay Salento Beaches!

Gay Salento Beaches – D’Ayala, Campomarino

D’Ayala beach (in Commenda) is by far my top choice, given the fact it is not too far from Taranto, where I live, a mere 40 minutes drive. I spend all of my Summer weekends laying on the golden sands of Commenda beach, and refreshing in its crystalline water: throughout the month of August you are likely to meet me every day of the week too with my group of friends. Most of the times, naked, obviously!

Gay Salento - Gios in D'Ayala
Gay Salento – Gios in D’Ayala

How to get there? Coming from Taranto, after the small town of Torre Ovo, follow the coast towards Campomarino. Before getting to the pretty town of Campomarino, you will find on the right a sign with the indication of Commenda. Leave the car on the road, and walk through a small street towards the sea. The beach is about 1 km long: a nice walk of dunes and sand protected by a private pinewood: heaven for cheeky naturists like me!

Gay Salento Beaches – G Beach, Gallipoli

As you will discover with me, Gallipoli has become a top gay destination in the last few years, attracting not only Italians, but more and more international tourists from all over the world. In summer, Gallipoli features an interesting gay nightlife too: the Italian Ibiza, as it is often referred as, is indeed the capital of Gay Salento! But the success of this destinations is without any doubt due to the beauty of its beaches, and in particular to Punta della Suina!

Scruffy Gios G Beach
Scruffy Gios G Beach

Located at the southern-most point of the atonishing Baia Verde, south of the town of Gallipoli you will find Punta della Suina, a private lido on the beach with a nice bar terrace on the sea. From there it is an easy walk to the G Beach, the only 100% Gay Salento friendly private beach. The atmosphere of the place is amazing: great view of the bay of Gallipoli; gorgeous and friendly people; relaxing chillout music thorughout the day. In the early evening, just before the sunset, the bar overlooking the bay becomes the perfect set for a great beach aperitif. The DJs will make you dance senselessly until dinner time, with a breathtaking view.

If you prefer a more chilled environment, worries not: around G Beach there is plenty of space for enjoying a relaxing day on the beach: a bit rocky, but if you get there early you can still find a spot where to lay down your towel and suntan properly. And if you feel the need of it, a refreshing walk in the pinewood just behind the beach will help you go through the day 😉

Gay Salento Beaches – Torre Guaceto, Brindisi

This stunning beach is within a natural reserve!  It is not far from the city of Brindisi, 14 kilometers north of it. So, it is in the higher part of Gay Salento. The only issue is that to get to the beautiful beach of Torre Guaceto, you have a long walk to do! You can park in the big parking lot of Penna Grossa (take this exit from the main road either if you are coming from Bari or Brindisi) and then walk for around 45 minutes along the reserve in order to reach the naturist bay. I promise: it is really stunning place, so that the long walk can be enjoyable thanks to the dry warm climate and the beautiful views in front of you!

Gios on Gay Salento beaches
Gios on Gay Salento beaches

The place is very popular with naturists, and the gays of course! You know, we love amazing enchanted places!

So, are you planning to visit the amazing Gay Salento beaches I am talking about, this summer? If so, let me be your guide tour. Get in touch and discover the places I love with Scruffy Gios!

Date of Last Visit: July 2016

9 thoughts on “La Bella Italia – Gay Salento Beaches”

  1. Hey Gios, great posts. But as a couple of Australians used to gay beaches being, well, mostly gay – and with sunning naked an option- we are a little confused by Mako Beach. We’ve been there the last three days and while there are plenty of gay guys, there are also lots of straight coupkes including families with kids. And almost no-one is suntanning naked. Is this how it normally is?

    1. Hi Martin, Mako beach is now G beach. As I said in my post, that beach is Gay Friendly: mostly gay but not totally. Unfortunately sunning naked is not allowed there. You can head down to Porto Selvaggio, or Campomarino, if you are looking to suntan naked. Ciao and grazie for stopping by :)

      1. Thanks Gios, we’ve left Gallipoli but I’m sure your info with be useful for other guys. One more question (please :) ) When parked in Penna Grossa car park, facing the sea, is the gay beach 45 mins walk to the left or to the right? (It’s a long way to go in the wrong direction! lol) Cheers mate.

          1. Thanks – I guess that is if you are in the Punta Penna Grossa car park. But all last week (July 25-30) that was closed and the Torre Guaceto park officials were telling people to go to the Park headquarters and they would take people to the beach by bus (!) So, we found a better – and much quicker – way to get to the beach which you might want to share with other guys.
            Take the Apani Punta Penne exit from the Bari-Brindisi highway. Follow the white sign saying “Guna Beach’ and the white on brown sign saying ‘Riserva Marina Torre Guaceto – Boa Gialla’. At the big sign for Boa Gialla, turn right down the metal road. There is a big parking place (3 Euro) at the end of the road and the Boa Gialla café is beside that.
            Walking out of the carpark, turn towards the sea and then immediately look to your left for the well used path heading across the fields and follow that. It crosses several fields and lines of trees before eventually bringing you out on the beach. Walk along the beach to the left (towards Torre Gauceto) and after five minutes or so, there is a concrete maker in the sand that says that beyond that point it is a Nudist Zone. And you are there :-) No more than 20 minutes walk from the car park and one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen anywhere – long, golden sand, turquoise water and the Torre Gauceto in the distance.) Cool people – mostly gay guys (local and visitors – nude or not) plus a few nude straight couples. And unlike G Beach, no kids. Definitely worth checking out!! A++ :

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?