Life is a Cambodia Beach!

Life is a Cambodia Beach :)

The beaches of Cambodia are amazing! I have always been attracted by the history of Cambodia. It is a very ancient country, with a controversial recent history (which I will try and deepen further in other posts).  I was not aware of the amazing coastal landscape of this country.

The most famous Cambodia beach resort is around the town of Sihanoukville.

Where is Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville is a province in southwest Cambodia, in the Gulf of Thailand. Nowadays it is a somehow chaoticly developed touristic resort, very well known for its beaches and its surrounding tropical islands. The area is full of western tourists. But I found out also many locals love it: its nightlife is fun, its sandy beaches are beautiful, its seafood is really fresh!

The most famous beach of the area is Serendipity beach, very close to where the main tourist facilities are. Most hotels, beach huts and restaurants are just a few hundreds meters away. Serendipity beach is also stage to the crazy and growing nightlife of the area.

The only issue with Serendipity beach is the high amount of vendors: they will try and sell you anything! Bracelets, foot massages, excursions, and food of course! This said, I loved the old ladies cooking barbecue squids and prawns at your chair! It is definitely worth to try :-)

Serendipity beach is increasing its popularity with backpackers from all over the world. This might also due to the growing number of Western facilities opening up. I spent a couple of nights at the very well equipped Monkey Republic, a British run hostel which proudly employees many local Khmer workers.

What happens on a Cambodia beach stays on a Cambodia beach! Anything really can happen in Serendipity, and you can easily find whatever you¬†are looking for (mushrooms, smoke, and much more…)! So if you are a party goer and happen to be in Cambodia, you should definitely try¬†the crazy parties of Serendipity beach.

If you are looking for some quieter me-time, or a romantic relaxing escape, my suggestion is to head a little bit further, out from the chaotic atmosphere of Serendipity. In just 10 minutes drive (everybody moves around by scooters) you can find yourself in the beautiful and relaxing Otres Beach, from where to admire stunning sunsets into the ocean!

Cambodia Offshore Islands

From Sihanoukville, you cannot miss an escape to the amazing offshore tropical islands in the surroundings. The best known island is Koh Rong, or Monkey Island: it is very popular with backpackers looking to partying and enjoying its buzzing nightlife!

I preferred to head to a quieter island, Koh Rong Samloem, a tropical Paradise! Its main feature is its huge tropical jungle, which can be easily discovered by foot (to be honest, there are no other ways of transportation around the island).

Arriving from Sihanoukville, the boats leave you at Saracen Bay, still too overcrowded for my liking. From Saracen Bay, walking for about 40 minutes through the jungle, you can discover the gorgeous Sunset beach: I found a beautiful and comfortable beach hut there! As you can imagine, the beach is also the perfect spot to enjoy an amazing sunset view!

Sunset over Sunset Beach
Sunset over Sunset Beach

After a few days of total relax, I decided to explore another area of the island. I discovered the brand new Mad Monkey Hostel: it is located in a beautiful private bay on the ocean, reachable preferably by boats living from Saracen bay. Quieter and more relaxed than the usual hostel life, Mad Monkey is a great place to hang out in and to meet like-minded travelers. It is also the perfect place to admire a stunning sunrise!

Was I good enough to convince you explore Cambodia beach lifestyle? Drop me a line if you need more information or help in booking your next dream holidays!

Life is a beach :)

Date of last visit: November 2015

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?