London: Gay Europe Capital

London is the Gay Europe Capital: do you know why?

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Hello London 😍

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London is kind of a magic city, full of opportunities and things to do…

First of all I must admit I am a bit biased when I talk about London: I lived there for 3 years (2011 – 2014) and I had a great time in the capital of Great Britain! Every time I go back to London I feel at home!

As you know, I was back in beautiful London last March, on the occasion of my 35th birthday. It was an amazing time! I managed to see many old friends (and to meet some new ones, obviously)!

What can you do in London?

Have a stroll downtown! Start by getting lost in Soho, one of the most vibrant areas of the city (not only because of its gay nightlife, about which I will write more extensively soon): do some shopping in Regent Street and Oxford Street, or, if you are more classy and your wallet can afford it, head to New Bond Street. Over there you can find the best world designers’ shops… and yes, buy me a present, thank you :)

From Soho, you can walk down to Leicester Square and through Long Acre Lane easily reach Covent Garden area: if you have still money to spend, you can find many shops and cafe in this lively area of the city.

London: Heaven for Foodie Gios
London: Heaven for Foodie Gios

London is heaven for a foodie like me! If you get hungry, in London you can virtually find the best of each type of cuisine worldwide. Are you in a hurry and willing to grab a quick bite on the go? London is affirming itself as the European capital of street food: in many corners of the city you can find food stalls offering amazing cheap food. My favorite market? Leather Lane Market: very central, not far from Holborn and the British Museum (a must visit), the market offers a huge variety of food! Just get a look around and pick whatever you fancy. This is definitely the best option on weekdays.

Are you looking for a seated meal? Around Soho you have many different options: Polpo is a very popular restaurant, where to taste amazing tapas. Although, my favorite Spanish restaurant is a bit far from the center, in Clapham area: if you have time, have the best paella and tapas at La Boqueria! It is also a nice way to explore a less touristic area (and yes, very much a part of the Gay Europe Capital lol), you won’t regret it!

Fancy some Thai Food? Try Busaba! It is a very well know chain with a few different locations in the centre of London. You already know how much I love Thai food, and this is the best you can find in the city! Instead, if you are craving pizza, try the best Napoli style one at Sartori, near Leicester Square: tell them Gios sends you there! They will treat you with the best regards 😉

What to do on weekends? Head down, south of the river! In my opinion, weekends are much better South!!! First, explore my favorite spot of the city: St. Catherine’s Dock.

It seems to be in a corner of Venice: once you get there, you will understand why I feel it is a magic spot! From there, walk along Tower Bridge (so called because close to the Tower of London: go visit it, it is definitely worthy!). Between Tower bridge and London Bridge you can discover Borough Market. Its stalls feature an explosion of flavors and amazing foods to taste from all over the world! From there, it is an easy ride down to Brixton, Clapham, Balham, Greenwich… just some of the areas south of the river which have a special flavor during the weekends!

Hey…. what is your favorite spot of London? What would you like Gios to drive you through? What is your favorite gay spot of London? Its best clubs? Comment below or send me an email… I will tell you more of the Gay Europe Capital in my next few posts!

Date of Last Visit: March 2016


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