London Gay Scene: MIGHTY PARTY

London Gay Scene is ready to welcome a new kid: MIGHTY PARTY!


I am proud and excited to announce that the the MOST SENSATIONAL Gay Party that London has been waiting for years, is finally launching! And it launches in style, on Sunday, October 2ndBuy your tickets now!

I am so happy to be part of this new adventure! MIGHTY PARTY – EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED is definitely a fresh new addition to the London Gay Scene.

You already know how much I am in love with London, the Gay Capital of Europe! I lived there for three years, and I am there as often as I can. I love Soho bars and always have a great time in some of the best Gay Clubs in the worldwide scene.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to be part of this adventure, I didn’t think twice: MIGHTY PARTY is a brand new Sunday Gay Tea Dance in the heart of London with Go Go shows, International DJs and the sexiest boys in town! How could I possibly say NO to this?

I have the opportunity to work with some of the guys who are defining the worldwide Gay Club Scene! Mighty Party is hosted also by Lilian ZanataIssac Jones, Pav Nick Stoychev & Co!

The hottest house beats in town are provided by DJ’s Sharon O LoveFabio Luigi and Matt Bogard! Plus Mauricio Ortiz and The Syndicate Group, organizers of the event, are bringing in an INTERNATIONAL GUEST DJ, Ana Paula (The Week, Circuit Festival, Matinée, WE Party ) to make this launch even bigger!

The hot MIGHTY GO GO boys will be styled by Shaun Christie and PUMP Underwear.
PUMP Underwear and the amazing mobile app DudeBox will sponsor the event and provide giveaways throughout the night: do you want to miss out the chance to win?

The location is sensational! MIGHTY PARTY will launch in 229 The Venue located in the heart of London. 229 is a multi-purpose entertainments venue that has hosted various gigs, award ceremonies and club nights making it a truly unique club experience!

The London Gay Scene is changing, forever: MIGHTY PARTY is coming. Make sure to follow Mighty Party on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Are you going to miss out? See you on Sunday, October 2nd, from 5PM until Midnight!

Scruffy Gios - London Gay Scene MIGHTY PARTY
Scruffy Gios – London Gay Scene MIGHTY PARTY

Fancy to meet up? Drop me an email and let’s make sure we do so!


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