A Very Merry Gay Christmas

Merry Gay Christmas my lovely readers :)

Last year I spent a gay Christmas on the beautiful beach of the amazing island of Gili Air. As you know, in Indonesia the temperatures are always warm and the atmosphere magic as ever.

This year I felt the need to spend a very merry Christmas in Italy, back in my native region, Puglia! And I couldn’t resist to a dip in the sea!

Santa Scruffy Gios - Gay Christmas
Santa Scruffy Gios – Gay Christmas


I am spending this so much needed break in Santa Maria al Bagno, a beautiful seaside town. You can find here something about this lively town near Nardò. I am staying in a nice house right in the main square of the town, in front of the beach! What a beautiful view every morning: it is great to start the day with such an amazing sight, just before jumping out of bed and starting a refreshing run along the seaside!

Why do I like this place so much? Because it is quiet, calm, stress-free, but still close to where the action is. Santa Maria al Bagno is a small resort not far from the better known town of Gallipoli, which, as you know is the gay capital of Puglia.

View from Gios' terrace
View from Gios’ terrace


Christmas Traditions in Puglia

Christmas in Taranto
Christmas in Taranto


Here in Puglia the festivities start much earlier than the actual Christmas Day. Every city and town has its own starting day. In Taranto, the city where I was born and where I live, Santa Cecilia, November 22nd, starts the Christmas Season. As per tradition, housewives on that morning cook pettole, typical deep fried dough. Those are just the appetizer for a feast of great food, wine and bubbles with family and friends.

On Christmas Eve the diet is strictly meat – free: fish and seafood are the main characters of the dinner! We use to spend the Night of the Eve strictly with the family, playing cards, tombola (or bingo) until Midnight, when Father Christmas comes down to entertain kids and grown – ups.

On Christmas Day and Boxing Day (Santo Stefano) we do it all and all again! The leit-motive of the Christmas celebration are the three F: Family, Friends, Food! Plus Alcohol of course… oh Bubble, yes we love Bubbles!

How will you guys celebrate this Christmas days? As for me, apart from a lot of food, some beach, and Family Time, I am planning to dance this Gay Christmas off with a few good bum – shakes on the Dance Floor.

Festive Gios
Festive Gios

On Christmas Day I am joining the GayDay Xmas Party near Gallipoli. On Boxing Day I will be a the Christmas Beach Party at Samsara, one of the most beautiful Beach Clubs in the World, right in Gallipoli!

And you? Fancy joining me? Drop me a line if you are around.

To each and everyone of you, my lovely readers, I wish a very Gay Christmas! Enjoy and be safe. :*

Scruffy Gios

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?