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Nardò is a charming town: a real Salento Dream!


You have already discovered with me the amazing and lively city of Gallipoli. If its rhythms are too bright, and the movida is not your thing, do not worry! In just a few kilometers you can find yourself in the suggestive Nardò for a rebalance.

In the Land of the Arneo river, ancient marshy area west of Lecce, Nardò rises from the nearby capital. From Lecce, Nardò inherited the beauty of the baroque despite a rich history of peoples who have conquered it.

You can find many baroque elements in the different churches around the historical centre of Nardò Puglia. The Cathedral, Church of Santa Maria Assunta, as well as in the Church of the Immaculate Virgin and the Church of Santa Chiara for example belong to the Baroque style.  The symbol of the Baroque style stands right in the middle of the town, in the main square itself. In fact the population built the Spire of the Immaculate Virgin, 19 meters high, as a thanksgiving sign following an earthquake in 1743.

Around Piazza della Salandra

Most of the life in the charming town of Nardò Puglia happen in the historical center, full of history. A walk through its historical buildings and monuments will make you feel lost in time. The main square itself, Piazza della Salandra, is the living room of this Salento Dream. The Square is nowadays the centre stages of many Italian and international television and film productions (Holiday and Sei mai Stata sulla Luna for example).

Hungry of traditional food? Stop at the Trattoria del Vizio for some local delicacies. Pizza lovers will find the best pizza around at Jazzy City: while your pizza is in the oven, taste also the typical Lecce fried appetizers, you won’t regret it!

Salento Dream - Selfie for Gios in Nardò
Salento Dream – Selfie for Gios in Nardò

Fallen in love with of the ancient frame of the old town? Why not sleeping in the middle of this Salento Dream? Thre are two sensational Bed and Breakfasts: Corte Carafa features a beautiful aerial view of the city ​​from the windows of their rooms; instead Letto e Merenda offers the typical Salento frisa for breakfast, in addition to the traditional Italian sweets. If you are looking for a bit of luxury in an historical frame, then try in Via Lata 33 the Personè Palace, the right high end accommodation for the stylish types.

On the way to the Salento Dream coastline of Nardò

Leaving the town of Nardò, just before descending towards the sea you can visit a few masserias, (you have already visited with me the beautiful Villa Cappelli).  At Masseria Bellimento for example you can stop to buy typical dairy products on the way to the beach, or have a bath in Masseria Pagani‘s amazing outdoor pool.

Messapi, Romans, Byzantines and Lombards have inhabited Nardò for centuries, but the reason why the town stood out is another one. In fact after World War 2 Nardò became famous for hosting manyJews returning from the concentration camps, on their way to the Promised Land, the State of Israel.

Gios in Santa Maria al Bagno Nardò
Gios in Santa Maria al Bagno Nardò

This Salento dream town, second in size in the area, has kept traces of the Primitive Man along its coasts. Although conveniently located inland, Nardo’ is just a few kilometres away from the enchanting coastline of the Salento Dream. Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Caterina, San Isidoro are among the beautiful seaside resorts that belong to Nardò area.

The real gem of the Salento Dream is Porto Selvaggio. It is a natural area which preserves prehistoric traces in addition to those of the Pinguinus impennis. This now extinct northern penguin during the last glaciation nested right here.

You can practice nudism in the most inaccessible cliffs of the area: I must add Porto Selvaggio to the list of the Gay Salento Beaches. In fact, in the forest of pine trees behind the coastline, where the nature is unspoiled, you can make interesting encounters.

Do you want to visit the area in Summer 2017? Drop me a line, I will give you the best suggestions and help to discover this Salento Dream!

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