The Nomadic Boys and the Gili islands

Nomadic Boys: who the hell are they? They are Stefan and Sebastian, two good friends of mines! Two greedy boys travelling around the world, like me!

Stefan and Sebastian are two bloggers known as the Nomadic Boys. They are a gay couple: we met in London a few years ago, and we are friends since then! They traveled all the way from Europe to Asia a couple of years ago and ate their way around Southeast Asia for almost two years. Recently they have relocated to South America, planning to travel around the area for a few years and tell it all in their blog! If you have never bumped into them take a look at their blog and to their Instagram account! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Why am I talking about the Stefan and Sebastian? Because when planning my first trip ever around Southeast Asia I took inspiration from their posts… that is how I discovered the Gili islands, which honestly were completely unknown to me!¬†The Nomadic Boys wrote a few months back ¬†(you can read their complete reportage here) a complete ironic gay friendly review about the Gili Islands. This review helped me clear my mind and decide which of the three islands to choose for my holidays: they compared the three islands to the Destiny’s Child!

Gili Islands Map Gios
Gili Islands Map Gios

The tourism in these beautiful Islamic islands is increasing and each of them is specializing in attracting a different type of travelers: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, all equally beautiful, cater to different lifestyles. First of all: Where are these islands located? The Gili islands belong to the beautiful country of Indonesia, and are situated off the northwest coast of Lombok. Lombok is one of the biggest islands of the country, just a short hop from Bali.

Scruffy Gios - Gili Air 2
Scruffy Gios – Gili Air 2

I arrived to the Gili Islands from Bali: from Padang Bai, you can take the high speed catamaran. In less than two hours you are there! Just a few words of warning: if you suffer from sea sickness, taking the high speed boat from Bali is a bit tricky! The catamaran is very fast and cuts the waves not in a gentle way: your stomach can suffer from it, especially in a stormy day, like the one I happened to travel! I did not have any problems, but most of my fellow travelers had lots of sickness. So, you have a couple of alternatives: you can first reach Lombok by plane from Bali, or any other place in Indonesia, and then take an easy ride by boat and discover the Gili Islands; or, if you have enough time, book a slow boat from Bali. The journey will be much longer (more or less 5 hours), but much cheaper, calmer and quieter! Your stomach will definitely thank me for my advice :)

If you love partying like there is no tomorrow, you should choose Gili Trawangan (the Beyonce island, according to the Nomadic Boys), that is also known as “he party island. It is becoming more and more similar to the Thai party islands (the infamous Ko Phangan for example) or to its¬†neighbor Bali! Thousands of travelers and backpackers flock to the biggest of the Gili Islands attracted by its nightlife and its young¬†lifestyle!

Scruffy Gios - Gili Air
Scruffy Gios – Gili Air

If you are a couple, looking for a quiet¬†retreat, a bit of romance, or just in need of some me-time, in search of meditation, relax, and complete calm, then Gili Meno is the perfect island for you! It is also well known as “the honeymoon island”, as apparently features the most beautiful and secluded beaches of all of the Gili Islands (and of course the favourite place for the romantic Nomadic Boys).

Nomadic Boys and Gios
Nomadic Boys and Gios

As for me, I knew what I needed at that point: my dream holidays was going to be a perfect mix of the two! After a frenetic couple of months travelling at a very fast pace through Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and after a crazy few days in Bali, I needed to relax, and to get ready for my last month of travel in Southeast Asia. Yes, I needed a bit of me-time!  But, as a solo traveler I also needed good company, from time to time, especially for a cheeky drink or two (or many) in the evening! For this reason I decided to head to the beautiful Gili Air, the so called Chill Island. That is why I decided to go for that, as you will discover very soon in my next post!

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