Gay Foodie Heaven? Palermo

Trust Scruffy Gios: for a Gay Foodie Palermo is heaven!

I have already shown you how beautiful is Palermo. I haven’t told you how Palermo is a heaven for a gay foodie like me!

In the center of Palermo there are 3 street markets where you can find whatever you are looking for: Capo, Ballaro’, La Vucciria. Fresh vegetables, meat, bread, fish, clothes… You do not need to look elsewhere whatever your needs are!

As a hungry Gay Foodie, I enjoy to walk around street markets all over the world! So many cultures to discover, so many flavors to smell and taste f course! So many different mementos to find out: look at what a big zucchini (or crougette) I found: size does really matter, huh :)

Ballaro - Size Does Matter
Ballaro – Size Does Matter

The Capo and Ballaro’ Markets are active during the day: you can taste many local recipes and discover the best ingredients of Sicily food all day long, 7 days a week, by strolling around their streets full of beautiful flavors!

What to eat in Palermo? You should definitely try the Arancina and Panelle: a feast of fried food! But so delicious! I had the pleasure to eat this typical specialties in a typical street food place, called ‘Nni Franco u’vastiddaru: affordable prices for amazing local food!

What about your sweet tooth? You can’t end your meal without a piece of Cassata siciliana. Palermo people cannot celebrate an occasion without this tasty dessert!

Cassata Siciliana
Cassata Siciliana
La Vucciria - Beautiful Palermo
La Vucciria – Beautiful Palermo

The third market I was talking about, La Vucciria is brought tife during the night! It is a very lively area full of students, professionals, and tourists of course, that every night of the week meet after work to relax and enjoy a few cheeky drinks. How can you find where it is? A colorful sign will indicate its location. The entrance is opposite La Rinascente department store, in the same piazza del Risorgimento.

There are a few bars in La Vucciria, all of them friendly and with very affordable drinks. It is also a good spot where to meet new friends, especially if you are a solo traveller like Scruffy Gios.

In particular, in La Vucciria I enjoyed a beer garden called La Taverna Azzurra: very kind staff and enjoyable atmosphere. Not so far from La Vucciria, a friend made me discover another very nice bar, called Bar Garibaldi. It has a nice and friendly ambient: yes, very gay friendly too. I met a couple of new friends from Vienna (In the picture I am in the middle of them): they are getting married this summer!!!

As far as I know, there are no exclusive gay bars in Palermo! Although some new friends of mines made me discover a very nice gay night at a place called Fabric. It is not easy to find it. My suggestion? Try and find some friends that know where it is, and go with them.

On Saturday the Fabric club hosts the gay night called Exit Drinks: mostly pop music, to enjoy until very early in the morning!

If you are lucky enough to visit Palermo on a summer day, you should definitely head to the seaside to discover the beautiful beaches in the surroundings. In particular, you should head to Sferracavallo: a nice walk of a few hundred meters along the coast will bring you to the rocky beach called Barcarello. It is a very nice secluded area: heaven for nudists!

Scruffy Gios - Gay Beach in Palermo
Scruffy Gios – Gay Beach in Palermo

Are you a Gay Foodie? Or just a Gay? :) Have I convinced you to visit Palermo? Do you need help in planning your next big gay holidays in Italy? Feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you out! Travel with me!

Date of last visit: April 2016

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