Salento Gallipoli – The Beautiful City

If you have already been to Salento Gallipoli is for sure very familiar to you! Gallipoli in ancient Greek means “The Beautiful City”: and yes it is a beautiful city indeed!

The ancient Greeks knew Gallipoli very well! Nowadays well known as the pearl of the Ionian Sea, and somehow the capital of Salento Gallipoli was one of the main ports of the so called Magna Graecia: it was a very important due to its strategic position by the sea.

The beautiful city of Gallipoli has seen many different population on its soil: Vandals, Goths, Bizantines, Messapic, Normans, all lived in different periods in this area, but for sure were the Greeks to leave the biggest footprint.

By the way, where the hell is Gallipoli? In Puglia, of course! To be more precise in Salento Gallipoli is located about 30 Kilometers South West of Lecce. It is a pretty big town, featuring an amazing old town, connected through the main street, Corso Roma, to the modern part of the town. Corso Roma is the promenade, where the locals and tourists usually go for an evening stroll (in italian we call it struscio), meet friends for an aperitif, or go for some shopping: it is the main center of the city, where during summer you can find also plenty of buskers entertaining the visitors.

The Old Town of Gallipoli is an island, full of ancient churches, seat of the many clerical fraternities of the island: the predominant style of architecture is the Lecce Baroque (Barocco Leccese), similar to the one found in Lecce of course. Have a stroll in the beautiful Old Town and enjoy its amazing sights! For example, take the time to explore Sant’Agata, the Cathedral, with its beautiful architecture and amazing interiors!

Cathedral of Gallipoli
Cathedral of Gallipoli

My favorite feature of Gallipoli is its location: right by the sea! And in fact, around Gallipoli, there is plenty of beaches you can choose from! One of my favorite is Punta della Suina, a wonderful natural bay hosting G Beach, the gay-friendly beach I have already spoken about here! The best moment to enjoy its bar overlooking the beach is the sunset: sip an Aperol Spritz and some local snacks at the sound of the music spinned by its DJs! It’s an experience you will never forget!

Have you ever heard of Loose Cannons (Mine Vaganti)? It is a beautiful film of a few years ago by a Turkish – Italian gay director, Ferzan Ozpetek: it was set here, in the turquoise waters of Punta della Suina! In one of its best known scenes, its characters were enjoying a swim in its turquoise sea, while dancing on “Sorry, I’m a Lady”!

And after all this dancing, you must be craving for food! In and around Gallipoli there is plenty of options of food to choose from! For a quick bite in the center of the town, stop by Martinucci for an ice-cream, or for the best Pasticciotto with cotognata. There is also plenty of places where to have a nice dinner by the sea!

Dinner in Salento Gallipoli
Dinner in Salento Gallipoli

As you might have understood by now, the capital of Salento Gallipoli is a very cool gay friendly city too! This year, it will also host its first Gay Pride! Salento Pride will be held on Sunday, August 21st and for sure it will be a great success!

If you are looking for a bar where to start the night, make sure to check out the very gay friendly Led Cafe, on Corso Capo di Leuca: you can find also discounts and offers for reduced prices entries to the gay nights around Gallipoli. So, fancy dancing? Check out the Picador Village, a gay club that every summer entertains the many visitors of Puglia!

Scruffy Gios at Led Cafe Gallipoli
Scruffy Gios at Led Cafe Gallipoli

Now, where to sleep? As all the cities of Salento Gallipoli has plenty of offers for accomodation.  I suggest you to stay in a very nice gay friendly bed and breakfast, Sottosopra, very cozy, walking distance from the main street and where the action is! If you prefer to stay away from the town, and closer to the beach (not far from Punta della Suina), and are looking for something more luxurious, you should check out Parco del Pizzo Residence, a beautiful white villa in a green scenery, from where to leave for many different bike tours to explore the beautiful capital of Salento Gallipoli and its amazing surroundings!

As per Scruffy Gios, you will likely meet him a few times throughout the Summer in Gallipoli… do you want to know when? Drop me a line and let’s meet up :)

Scruffy Gios and Mino Mazzarelli

Date of Last Visit: August 2016

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