Saltyboys: Sailing is fun!

Saltyboys: Sailing Au naturel with them was a lot of fun!

Who are the specialists in Gay Sailing worldwide? Saltyboys of cousre. As you already know, I enjoyed a full week in a Gay Sailing cruise Au Naturel (yes, fully Naked!) in in the Saronic Gulf, in Greece, in August.

How was it? Simply Amazing! I was pretty nervous and excited for the adventure. I had never done a sailing trip before, so I was not sure what to expect! But I have to say now, I would do it all again even tomorrow :)

For me the adventure started one day earlier: I arrived in Athens with my good friend Danilo, who joined me in this trip, on the day before the start,  on the Friday. The city was not very busy. As you can expect the Summer Average temperatures in Greece are very hot, as well as the Greek gods all around. But thanks to the organization of Captain Jan, we were already in contact with most of our fellow sailors, through a Whatsapp chat group. So we managed to meet up with them, in the lively gay center of Athens, Gazi, for dinner… and a few drinks obviously 😉 It was a great time to start bonding and get to know each other.

Saltyboys in Athens
Saltyboys in Athens

The Sailing starts!

So the morning after, on the Saturday, we reached the port and got ready to start the trip! There were three boats full of Sexy Saltyboys: 34 gay guys eager to get fully naked and discover the Saronic Gulf! First activity? To fill the yacht with food! So we had to go and do the shopping for (almost) all the week, which was very good fun! We bought also plenty of booze of course!

Only on Sunday morning we were ready to leave the port of Athens and finally sail! And we did it for a full week! We were lucky enough to have plenty of sunshine most of the time! Only a couple of days we had to sail with a slightly rough sea… which is always good if you want to go faster and enjoy a bit of real sailing atmosphere!

During the week we stopped in amazing places full of history and charm! We had the opportunity to visit Epidauros, have a stroll around its magnificent Greek ruins and enjoy its beautiful ancient amphitheater! We visited Aegina, Poros, and Idra…

Sailing whit Saltyboys is fun!

What we enjoyed the most was sailing during the day, and sleeping in calm beautiful bays at night! I had the most amazing time ever with Saltyboys!  I enjoyed every single minute of it: the beautiful Greek turquoise waters for a swim at night, or for a fresh shower in the morning, a sunbathe on the decks of the yacht, with the breeze of the fresh winds we were going through…

And so many new friends! The experience of the Saltyboys Sailing adventure was above all about bonding with like minded people from all over the world: 34 sexy gay men making the most of it… fully naked of course! I am a naturist and I love this part of the adventure!

I can’t wait for another great experience with Saltyboys as soon as possible! It is a lot of fun! If a Nude Gay Sailing Cruise is not your cup of tea, do not worry! You can still book one of the many other Cruises Saltyboys organizes all over the world (Europe, the Pacific Ocean, Mexico) where you are allowed to keep your speedos on all the time!

Scruffy Gios Sailing 1
Scruffy Gios Sailing 1

Do you want to know more about this and all the other opportunities of sailing? Drop me an email with all of your questions! I will be more than happy to tell you more about Saltyboys!

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?