There is something about Scruffy Gios

I am sure you all recall the amusing film of the ’90s, There is Something About Mary. Well, there is also something about Scruffy Gios, that I want to share with you all! It is an important moment in my life. I am launching a brand new project, all focused on Gay Travels in Italy and Europe. I will be involved 100% showing you all my country, Italy, and my beautiful region, Puglia. So it it is time for you to know something more about me.

I receive tons of emails, Direct Messages on my various social media (on my Facebook page, my Instagram account, my Twitter profile, my Snapchat story and even through my Linkedin profile) with many questions about me and my life! All this interest really flatters me!

I have also been recently asked to tell something about my life and my experience as Gay Travel Blogger from important magazines I have the honor to work with (ManAboutWorld for example). So I thought it is also time to share with you all a little bit more about Scruffy Gios!

Mighty Party - Scruffy Gios
Mighty Party – Scruffy Gios

Scruffy Gios is a Travel blogger… but is there a place in the world you call home?

Puglia, the heel of the boot of Italy. It is where I am from, and where I spend most of my time when I am not traveling.

What was it like growing up for Scruffy Gios?

I had a good upbringing, not too difficult to be honest. Although, even aware of my homosexuality since I was a kid, I chose to hide it as long as I lived with my parents… I come from Taranto, a small city in Southern Italy, in Puglia. At that time there was still some stigma connected to the gay lifestyle. Nowadays things are very different, that is also the reason why I don’t hide anymore! As you already know, Puglia is very gay friendly, and I am happy to spend much more time back home with my good family and friends.

When did Scruffy Gios come out?   

As soon as I left my parents’ home and moved out, to study university in Padua (I was 18) in northern Italy, I started joining gay associations and going to gay bars and clubs. It finally was time to start living my life as I deserved: Out and Proud! Not long after that, going back home for Christmas, I decided to come out to the whole family! I was 20 years old! That was one of the greatest decisions of my life, and I don’t regret it at all!

Scruffy Gios in front of Borobudur temple
Scruffy Gios in front of Borobudur temple

When did you decide to travel the world and tell it to the Internet world?

Exactly a couple of years ago, I was living in London, the Big Smoke. I happened to lose my job, due to internal restructurings in the company I was working for at that time. I did not complain about what was happening! Instead, I felt like this was really the opportunity I was waiting for, to finally do what I like the most: travel full time and tell it all to the world through my blog! The best decision of my life!

How did Scruffy Gios come up with the idea of being a full time travel blogger? How did you feel about it?

I have always loved travelling, and I have always done it as much as I could, in my holidays! But, as an employee, it is not easy to find the time to do it as much as you would love to! So, when I had some money and I had the opportunity to do so, I embraced it as a new challenge I could not say NO to! I have always been adventurous; the idea of doing something new, although somehow scary, has always been very exciting and appealing to me!

Scruffy Gios on Gili Air
Scruffy Gios on Gili Air

Where in the world have you traveled? How many countries? Continents? What’s your favorite spot on earth?

I have traveled extensively through Europe, Northern America, and Southeast Asia, a bit of Africa: 4 continents, God knows how many countries (around 40 in total I think). So far my favourite spot on earth is Gili Air, a tiny island in Indonesia… I could spend months there, despite the Monsoons!

How do you go about the process of picking the places to visit?

I am not much of a planner, I have to admit!  When I choose to visit a broad area (Southeast Asia for example) I go with the flow: ask for suggestions to fellow travelers, fellow travel bloggers, the locals. This is the best way to travel like a local! Most recently I have chosen to partner with Gay Travel companies around the world, so I follow what they offer and help them tell their story to the world: European Gay Ski Week, (you can read the full story about the epic 2016 edition here) Saltyboys, Outings and Adventures are just a few of the friends I am successfully helping so far. I hope to keep working in this way, and to help many more Gay Businesses!

Scruffy Gios on Gran Canaria beach
Scruffy Gios on Gran Canaria beach

What was the original intent behind your path? Was it always to travel or did it just happen?

My curiosity has always been my main driver! I have always loved to travel and discover new cultures, different ways of living and thinking!

As a gay traveler, what is the most important piece of advice for other gay travelers?

Make some research before deciding where to travel to! Be aware of the tolerance towards homosexuality to make sure you are safe wherever you are traveling. Other than that, be curious, open minded, and flexible! No plan is set in stone when you travel! Follow your instinct and you will be successful! 

Do you consider travel-writing your career? If yes, what’s your key to a successful career? If no, what is your career?

I consider myself as a pretty successful Digital Marketer. I have done it for years as my full time job… then I decided to change the product: I decided to market MYSELF, that is Scruffy Gios as a Gay Traveller. So far so good 😉

Shameless Scruffy Gios on the slopes
Shameless Scruffy Gios on the slopes

Three places in the world still in your bucket list?

So many places I would love to see… I pick up three big cities that are really on top of my bucket list, which I have not been to yet.

  • Buenos Aires: I want to feel really like Evita Peron!
  • Rio De Janeiro: where are all the hot Cariocas? I hope I can find a few sexy ones to show me around and take me to Ipanema Beach!
  • Sydney: I want to wake up on Bondi Beach!

Besides your passport, what is the one thing you always take with you on your adventures?

The selfie stick (plus my phone and camera of course)!

Gay Selfie for Scruffy Gios
Gay Selfie for Scruffy Gios

What is your favourite pic so far?

If you want to make the best gay selfie of your life head to Ko Nang Yuan, one of the most beautiful places on earth! Ko Nang Yuan is a set of three tiny islands in the Thai Gulf, easily reachable by long-tail boat from Ko Tao. The famous viewpoint is located on the smallest of the three islands: 20 minutes hike (make to wear sneakers before venturing to the top) and you can snap the most beautiful selfie of your life!

Happy to get to know a bit more about Scruffy Gios? This is just the first session… Do you have any more questions you would like to make? Any curiosity come into your mind? Feel free to write them down in the comments or email me! I will definitely answer to you very soon!

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?