Sweden is absolutely beautiful! And attending its Midsommer celebration is a must!

I visited for the first time in June 2014: I immediately fell in love! What is not to love about Sweden and Stockholm, the so called “capital of Scandinavia”? Its beautiful countryside, the lakes, the summer houses in the middle of nowhere, and, hell yes, its men!!!

Yes, I have to be honest: I have a thing for nordic types… how do they say? Opposites attract each other :p it must be true, at least in my case…

So, in June 2014 I was invited for the Midsommer Celebrations (or Midsummer) in Sweden at a gay couple’s Summer house (a couple of hours out of Stockholm by car) through a good common friend, Nils. Oh well, the truth is that I actually self-invited myself :) I had heard so many nice tales about Midsummer parties (especially the gay ones!) that I was too curious not to try to get an invitation; so in May 2015, I bumped into my old mate Nils at Brussels Pride celebrations (yes literally bumped into him as we were not aware of the attendance of each other to that Pride… but it’s usual for us to randomly see each other in different places of Europe…) so I asked him to get an invitation to the Midsummer weekend of the same year: happily it worked out perfectly so I could finally make my way up in Scandinavia for the first time in my life! If you don’t know it, Midsummer is the main year holiday in Sweden: it celebrated in the countryside so that on the day before everyone leaves town (even the capital, Stockholm, shuts down completely!) and the city streets are left completely deserted.

You can have a thorough idea of Midsommer and its meaning in Swedish culture in this article.

The all idea of Midsommer celebrations is to gather friends and family altogether in the countryside, and to make kids happy: it’s their yearly festive day! Grown up kids (aka adults) have fun too, with lots of food and schnaps (shots)! Skoll!!

After the first 2014 celebrations, I was lucky enough to repeat this beautiful joyful experience in June 2015: again 60something friends (mostly gay) were gathered at Klas and Jonas’ summer house, and again it was a lot of fun! I used that celebration as a starting point for my Summer 2015 trip around Europe!

If you haven’t been to any traditional Midsommer celebration, my suggestion is: before next June make a hot Swedish friend, and make sure you get invited to the biggest celebration of the year… and also make sure to bring a sleeping mask! Being Midsummer around the Summer Solstice, the sun sets down only for a couple of hours per night, so that it is never really dark in the sky… if you, like me, are troublesleepers, don’t pretend I didn’t give you the right advice! :)

Date of Last Visit: June 2015

5 thoughts on “Sweden – The real Mid Sommer Experience”

  1. Great photos and write up. I’d love to be able to visit Sweden one day, when it’s not too cold. Your post made me move it up a few notches on my list of places to go. Thank you!

    1. Hi Walter! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add your comment, really appreciated! Sweden is amazing! If you will keep following me, you will find out soon as Stockholm is beautiful indeed, as well as other cities of Scandinavia! Stay tuned!

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