Tel Aviv Pride: Mazel Tov!

Tel Aviv Pride is such a great experience!

Mazel Tov! Today, Friday 3rd June 2016, Tel Aviv celebrates its biggest Gay Pride ever. Unfortunately I am not there! But I love Tel Aviv Pride!

First of all… why do Israel celebrate Gay Pride on a Friday? As you know, in the Jewish calendar, the week starts on our Sunday, and the sacred day is our Saturday (Shabat). For this reason, the celebration of the Pride happens on the Friday!

I visited Tel Aviv for the first time in 2012, in June, and I fell in love with the city, its people, its friendly atmosphere! I was back once again last year, 2015, to see old faces and to meet a bunch of new friends from all over the world. And to enjoy the sight of many Israeli fitties! One practical tip: if you fancy to hook up with the locals, use Atraf, the local dating app: you will find many Israelis ready to show you around… and maybe more 😉

The city of Tel Aviv is a strange mixture (somehow chaotic) of historical buildings, Bauhaus architecture, modern taste. I must warn you: if you are a design snob, possibly you will find the city disappointing… otherwise it is impossible not to love it! I enjoy wondering around Tel Aviv to discover hidden corners of its narrow streets in the center, to find unexpected beautiful spots, cafes, small restaurants, street markets plenty of flavours… I could spend days lost in Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv Pride is a unique experience too! It’s a big party where all the city is really involved! Plenty of families, with kids, young boys and girls, take party to a joyful celebration of life and gay lifestyle!

The parade is uncomparable: the luck of Tel Aviv is its amazing location, in front of the sea! And the Tel Aviv Pride Parade takes full advantage of this beautiful background! The parade evolves along the beachside, ending in an amazing and colorful Official Pride Party right on the beach!

The Parade and the Beach Party are a lot of fun, but also very full of people! So, if the mass entertainment is not your thing, my suggestion is to join only the first party of the Parade, and then to leave the enjoyment of the Beach Party to the crowd. In fact, rather than the Beach Party, I enjoyed much more the friendly atmosphere of the Hilton Beach, the fun gay beach of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Pride is not limited to the Friday Parade: the whole week is packed with fun and entertainment (and hot boys, obviously). My highlight? The Water Park party on the Thursday! I had so much fun on the rides… a great occasion to meet like minded friends!

And if you can’t visit Israel during the Tel Aviv Pride Parade, worries not! Tel Aviv is a gay friendly city the whole year round, full of gay bars and parties!

Gios at Evita - TLV
Gios at Evita – TLV

In the very center of the city you will find a good number of gay bars, packed every night of the week! My favourite one is Evita Bar, for its friendly atmosphere, its crazy karaoke nights, its weekly Eurovision parties… and for its hottie shirtless waiters too! :) If you are looking to have a blast you must start your night there. After, you can head to Lima Lima, a nice bar not far from Evita: you will find a relaxing atmosphere, full of locals! The perfect place if you want to enjoy a real Tel Aviv night out!


Are you still in doubt if Tel Aviv is a fun place to visit? Drop me an email! I will be more than happy to organize your perfect visit to the beautiful capital of Israel!

Happy Tel Aviv Pride! Mazel Tov!

Date of last visit: June 2015

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?