Vienna is a magic capital!

Vienna is the magic capital of Austria!

It is a beautiful city in an amazing country, where you can feel the soul of its history, and breath the magic of its once very powerful reign everywhere!

I visited Vienna for the first time 15 years ago with my parents… My mamma, like most Italian women, was in love with the beautiful tale of Sissi (Empress Elisabeth of Austria)! ❀ So to pay homage to the memory of my beautiful Mamma I decided to make Vienna the last stop of my Summer 2015 trip around Europe, to explore a little bit of the city once again, by myself! I found out Vienna has definitely improved: it is today a very cosmopolitan hub, attracting more and more international businesses and professionals. Monocle has ranked Vienna in the second place, soon after Tokyo, in its 2015 Quality of Life Survey.

Where is Vienna

Gios along the Danub in VIenna
Gios along the Danub in VIenna

Undeniably, the charm of this magic capital comes also from its position, very central in Mittle Europe, and its location along the enchanted, calm Danub river, which has always easily connected the city with many other cities in Europe (such as Budapest and Bratislava) .

The centre of Vienna is so beautiful that is now part of the list of the World Heritage places to preserve of the UNESCO: monuments, parks and amazing buildings, including Baroque castles and gardens, are very well preserved and make of Vienna a unique city! Also, it is a pedestrian friendly city: the administration of the city has recently closed to traffic new areas. The amazing central Mariahilferstrasse has become a safe paradise for shopping lovers.

Gios in Vienna, the magic capital
Gios in Vienna, the magic capital

If you are in Vienna, you can’t miss to pay a visit to the charming Schönbrunn castle! Oh I love that place! This big palace hosted the Austrian royal family for centuries: even Franz Joseph, the longest-reigning emperor of Austria, was born at Schönbrunn and spent a great deal of his life there. He died there, at the age of 86, on 21 November 1916. Of course, since Austria became a republic (1918) the palace has passed under possession of the Austrian republic. Nonetheless, the palace has been very well preserved: still today attracts millions of visitors, mostly romantic like me <3

Visiting the interior of the castle is definitely recommendable: everything is magic! I promise, you will find yourself dreaming of being a Princess!

Gios's selfie - Schonbrunn
Gios’s selfie in the gardens of Schonbrunn castle

Nonetheless, spend some time visiting the magnificent outdoor of the Palace: its gardens, sculptures, roman ruins, and the well known Gloriette will leave you breathless!

Vienna is also home to many cafes and restaurants: Austrian food is delicious! It is impossible to get wrong, whichever place you choose… Austrians indeed know how to have fun and enjoy life!

Yes definitely Vienna has improved, “risen like a phoenix” like the Austrian Conchita Wurst sang… a city to check out! Do you need more tips? Just drop me an email! I’ll be happy to help out!

Date of last visit: July 2015

Buongiorno :) What are you thinking?